Ice Prince Is King As He Features on Boltina's New Hit Single Titled "African King"

This Song Is Also Anti-Xenophobia- Naledi Boltina.

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If you have been wondering were Ice Prince is, then look no further as the Jos raised rapper recently featured on a new hit single by South African songstress, Naledi Boltina Titled "African King" and the song seems to be doing well on all online streaming platforms. Naledi Boltina dropped her single African King featuring Nigerian artist Ice Prince on 22 August. The 27-year-old recording artist, actress, and producer was born and raised in Port Elizabeth, South-Africa, but is now working and performing in Nigeria.
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Boltina sees herself as a storyteller in her music and strives to write songs from lived experiences. She said African King was an African take on a “fairytale love story” and celebrated “black African love”.  She said collaborating with Nigerian 2013 BET Award winner Ice Prince was for a bigger purpose than good music.
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“It is also a song that is anti-xenophobia,” said Boltina. “I thought the way I can work hand in hand with my brothers and sisters and show them support is by actually collaborating with them. I want to unite Africa through music.”

Ice Prince and Naledi had been friends since she featured as a leading lady on his 2016 music video Excellency. “When I touched down in Lagos, I was in the studio and told him ‘please listen to this’. He was busy … I harassed him into listening.
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“Two days later he sent me what he had recorded over what I had sent to him, as he totally loved it,” Boltina said. She said they had previously recorded together back in 2016. Sadly, their producer’s system – Tatenda Terrence Kamera who wrote the original score for Netflix’s Blood and Water – had crashed.
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“Our song was no more but I feel like it was probably part of God’s plan.” Despite challenging schedules, the artist thoroughly enjoyed working with the “dedicated, passionate, and talented” Ice Prince.

Naledi Boltina revealed to fans the meaning of her name in an interview with reporters, she said: The meaning behind name Naledi’s – Naledi is the Southern Sotho word for “star” – and this has always been something she planned to live up to.  “When my parents named me Naledi, it was almost like a prophecy over my life, that I need to be a ‘star’, so it’s basically a calling,” she said. At the age of 17, she received her “first big break” in the entertainment industry by playing the lead role of Rosa in the SABC short educational film The Lilies. When it comes to her singing career, Naledi notes that it all started in church. “That’s where I was able to learn to overcome my stage fright.” Boltina was the Party260 presenter for Bay TV and a radio presenter on Bay FM and YFM. She also featured in the South African soap opera Rockville, as well as in Ferguson Films’ The Gift.
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Aside from the song being very close to Boltina’s heart, she says comments from friends and family about her move to Nigeria influenced the title. “Everyone has told me when I get to Lagos I will meet my Igwe,” Boltina said.  “We have a song called African Queen that everyone loves so much. I thought you know what, let’s sing about kings.” If you are unfamiliar with the name Igwe, she urges you to watch Nollywood movies. There is “always a king who is called Igwe” in these films, she said.
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Naledi has revealed that Nigeria has given her a gracious welcome and Boltina celebrated her song reaching 10 000 plays on audiomack within days. “The collaboration has brought about an audience that I have never ever expected and a market that I can only pray for. “Right now, I am trying to have a moment and just take it all in. I am in awe and disbelief.”
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