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Meet Adunni Ade's baby daddy

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Adunni Ade, who gained fame for the humorous short film Dating Gone Bad that was published in 2014 on YouTube, is not married and is not presently thought to be dating anyone. She did, however, have two kids from a prior marriage to her baby daddy, Michael Boyd.

The American/Nigerian actress, who is also a writer and a model and gained notoriety after appearing in the Yoruba film Iwo Tabi Emin (You or I), began dating Michael Boyd while she was still unknown, and the couple gave birth to two boys.
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Who is Adunni Ade's Husband?

Adunni Ade, an actress, has never been married and doesn't have a husband. Adunni, who was raised in Lagos, Nigeria, was born in Queens, New York, to a German-Irish mother and a Nigerian Yoruba father. She, however, moved to the US in her late teens to attend university there before moving back to Nigeria to pursue an acting career.

Adunni Ade, Does She Have a Baby Daddy?

Adunni's two boys' father is undoubtedly present in her life, hence she does indeed have a baby daddy. Micheal Boyd is the name of her baby's father. Although there is no documentation of how or when they met, she encountered him while she was in the US. Yet, given that they both lived in the US state of Kentucky, it is safe to assume that they likely first met while she was a student at the University of Kentucky.

Furthermore, because Michael Boyd is not associated with the entertainment sector, there is not a single piece of information available about him. Also, he didn't seem to be very active on social media, so even when they were together, they never fit the mold of a super celebrity couple. Only until she grew to stardom as an actress did the information about her relationship with Michael become widely known. They dated for about nine years, during which time they had two children.

Micheal and Adunni were never married, in spite of several rumors to the contrary. It is not surprising that there were rumors of their marriage because they had been in a committed relationship for a long time and shared housing in the state of Kentucky.

Adunni's Children

The relationship between Adunni Ade and her baby daddy, Michael Boyd, gave birth to her two adorable kids, D'Marion (born on September 26, 2007), and Ayden (born on 2nd May 2011). They are currently 15 and 11 years old respectively. Micheal allegedly did not care about their kids after their divorce, so she easily obtained custody of them.
The actress brought her children back to Nigeria, where she has been raising them alone ever since. Little is known about Adunni's children because she doesn't divulge their personal details. Nonetheless, she never holds back when it comes to posting their images on her social media platforms to mark even the smallest celebration. She has also stated that her kids are what inspire her the most. According to their age, Marion and Ayden should indeed be enrolled in one of the most prominent institutions in the nation for their secondary education.

Michael and Adunni Breakup 

Adunni Ade, an actress, explained why her nine-year relationship with her baby's father abruptly ended by saying that she had to go since he was clearly not prepared for marriage. She was content with the relationship right away and anticipated spending the rest of her life with him, especially since they already had kids.

Yet as the years passed, Adunni started to feel uneasy because Boyd never made a marriage proposal. She was forced to make the difficult decision to end the relationship because nine years was already a long time to be tied down to someone who had no firm intentions or commitments for the future.

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