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Pero hints on moving on from her ex husband

By  | Nov 30, 2021, 08:44 AM  | Relationships

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2Baba’s baby mama Pero Adeniyi, has made it public that she owes nobody explanation on her relationship status, that is whether she has moved on with her life or is still in a romantic relationship with her children’s father. Pero decided to go live on Instagram and engage with her followers, and it’s through this she hinted that she has a new boyfriend who she didn’t reveal his face.

She noted that many of her followers have always wanted to know whether she has moved on or she still has hope for working things out with the legendary singer 2Baba. It’s then at this point that she said that no one is eligible to the answer. Pero added that she was not going to reveal the face of the man she is with now, but still netizens are very curious to know him. We continue keeping an eye to make sure that any details that emerge we will let you know.

Pero, photo courtesy of Instagram

Could this be after 2baba, the ex wife declared that Annie is his queen a few days ago? The incident was observed after people trolled Annie online and 2Baba came to her defense. This was after Pero’s son and whose father is 2baba was also trolled on social media and some people alleged that it must have been Annie who now is the wife to 2baba behind it. With all these, 2baba felt was the time he needed to stand with the love of his life Annie, and that’s what exactly he did. 

2baba, through his Instagram account distanced his wife from the controversial matter and went ahead to criticize the people who bashed his wife online. Many fans have also drummed up support for 2Baba and his wife Annie, and have highly condemned the person behind the evil act.

Annie, photo courtesy of Instagram

The singer and one of the mothers of his children, Pero Adeniyi, reacted after a troll left a nasty comment on the page of their son ‘Justin’ on Instagram. Recall the family had issues in September that caused Annie to call out both 2Baba and Pero for allegedly having an affair. Although the couple has settled their issues, other matters such as Pero suing Annie to court still got tongues wagging.

In October, Pero had stated that they had by then four months without talking to 2Baba and were no longer friends. In addition, it was during this month that her friends had gone to hang out with her and referred to her as first wife to 2Baba and they insisted that no one would take away that title from her.

2Baba’s story continues to resurface as every time Pero does something he is mentioned same to Annie. Recall that in September 2021, Annie had stated that 2baba allegedly told her he was going for a shoot but instead went to stay with Pero and his kids with her under the same roof in the United States of America. Annie’s claim subsequently sparked a reply from the singer’s brother and further degenerated into a war of words between Annie’s family and her in-laws.

Following the development, 2Baba took to social media to admonish his family members and fans to ‘stop the ‘madness as he would not sit back and watch everybody battle in the name of love’.



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