Bobrisky Ready To Marry An Indian Man

This is because of Zee World, isn't it?

By  | May 04, 2022, 01:05 PM  | Bobrisky  | Relationships

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Bobrisky’s relationship status has had fans confused for a long time. But at least she has narrowed down her choice of nationalities for marriage – when that time comes. 

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The social media personality recently went online to state who she would be open to getting married to. And it is very simple: it will either be a Nigerian man (we stan a patriotic babe), or it will be an Indian man. 

Now the explanation for this is very simple. Indian men are supposedly “very sweet” – or so Bobrisky thinks. 

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How true is this? Has anyone here had any experience dating an Indian man to confirm this for us? Because if Bobrisky’s followers are to be trusted, it is all a lie, and they are not actually very sweet. I mean, of course it is unfair and irresponsible to paint them all with the same brush, but we would imagine the testimonies the followers are giving are coming from some experience, right?

It is unclear what brought on this sentiment from the social media star. I mean, Bobrisky often shares the funniest hot takes, and we love her for them. But at least half of her followers are convinced that she has been fed this image by watching a lot of Zee World, and we have to agree. The way they can be romantic in those shows would really get any girl thinking twice, to be quite frank. 

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This comes only shortly after the social media star tried to do a good deed, but shared it online, possibly ruining the whole thing and her own image to her detractors and fans alike. 

Only a few days ago, Bobrisky shared a video of a cow that she intended to use to feed the less fortunate. We can all see that this was a noble attempt to be more charitable. But we wish her followers had seen it the same way too, because that is not exactly how it was perceived. 

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The entrepreneur was immediately flamed, as some pointed out that the cow seemed emaciated. Others were unhappy that she had shared the video at all, as well as her intentions to do some charity work. Their perspective was that good deeds should be done purely for their sake, not as a way to gain some brownie points from fans and other strangers. As such, they think Bobrisky shouldn’t have posted it on social media if the intention was actually to be selfless. 

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Recently, a few people have been convinced that Bobrisky is struggling to maintain her crown as the lead transgender celebrity in Naija, as James Brown announced their return to the country. 

But Bobrisky doesn’t really seem bothered at all, so perhaps it would be a good idea to stop creating drama where there is none. 

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