Burna Boy And The Reach Give Back To His Village

Charity starts at home and Burna Boy has proved it.

By  | Sep 24, 2020, 11:25 AM  | Burna Boy   | Relationships

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It has been just under three weeks that Burna Boy announced partnering with non-profit organization (NPO), The Reach. The musician has partnered with the NPO to fund their weekly charitable runs where they provide families affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with food parcels. 

While the announcement was met with ridicule on Twitter, Burna Boy’s efforts on Instagram were applauded. This could be the reason that his latest post was only shared on Instagram, and on Twitter, The Reach’s post was only retweeted. 

In his caption Burna Boy writes, “Getting these in my inbox every Saturday is slowly becoming the highlight of my week.” He goes on to explain that the last charity run they fed “a minimum of 300 families every week in Rivers State, Nigeria.”

Mr. Odugwu then explains why he felt compelled about the latest charity run by writing, “This deserved a post because it was my village this week (which is a typical riverine island.” 

He ends his post by revealing that he is working on more like-initiatives. But before he ends his post he takes the time to thank the volunteers and tireless efforts by typing, “I appreciate every single one of you!”
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