Celebrities Show Support To Daddy Freeze's Wife In Ongoing Case

They Do Not Like The Court's Ruling

By  | Mar 10, 2021, 06:48 PM  | Relationships

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OAP Daddy Freeze’s Wife Benedicta shared information on the court’s ruling after the many years of domestic violence she suffered at the hands of her ex-husband.

Daddy Freeze was slammed with a lawsuit for committing adultery with Benedicta at a time when she wasn’t his wife and was asked to pay N5 million.

Benedicta Elechi had filed for divorce from her husband Paul Odekina in 2012- the last 9 years of her marriage, but the court did not grant her request until 2021 after her ex-husband filed for divorce on the grounds of infidelity.

His case was filed in 2015. Added to that, the court granted her husband custody of their children.

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She uploaded the medical report with the caption:

We live in a country where the fundamental rights of women are nonexistent.
Today is a day, where women all over the world, come together to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women.
 We should be observing a moment of silence for the fearless women, who fought to the death for the rights of women and children and raising our glasses to a toast, to all the strong women that have fought and continue to fight for the abolishment of archaic practices and the reformation of laws that have enslaved women for decades in unison.
 But no, as women, living in this part of the world, it will be hypocritical for us to partake in this celebration.
 This day should mark a call to action for accelerating gender parity, gender equality and reforms that will protect our fundamental rights as women.
 We owe it to the girl child.

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Nigerian entertainer and relationship blogger Skuki Peeshaun uploaded a video asking ‘How Long Does It Take To Get A Divorce In Nigeria?”

‘I’ve been reading up on this case of Daddy Freeze being asked to pay N5 million by a court claiming that he committed adultery with a married woman; this married woman being his present wife. 
‘Now you’re saying she committed adultery with somebody in 2015 or thereabout, but she already filed for divorce, even three years before that time. She wanted out of that marriage already, legally wanted out of that marriage.
'How do we use our legal system to cheat our women, because there’s a lot of bullshit that women go through on this side that will not happen in developed countries.’
 ‘Talking about domestic violence, this woman put out a medical report of being domestically abused, and she already filed for divorce, nothing was done. Now the man has come, you’re now saying you dissolve... somebody help me make sense of this.'

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Actress Uche Elendu supported Benedicta too and posted the video of Peeshaun, asking the same questions he asked in the video with a few more of her own.

"How can the custody of children be given to a man after 9years of filing for a divorce??
 "What exactly is termed adultery in this case?
"Women should not be marginalized and subdued to staying in an abusive marriage, 9years on a divorce proceeding is very unrealistic and unfair, the law is not always right, why do men like to punish women in marriage??
 "Is 9 years too short a time for a woman to heal and move on with her life?? Is the trauma of domestic abuse not enough??
 "I stand with @ tastebudzng.. be strong sis!! Healing and moving on to a deserving life is no crime."

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In a previous interview with Linda Ikeji Blog, Benedicta filed for a divorce from her husband because of his 'sexual perversion.' She said during their union they only made love just eleven times in 10 years until she caught her husband red-handed in gay sex with a man in their living room.

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