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Find out Chizzy Alichi's husband

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Chizzy Alichi, real name Chigozie Stephanie Alichi, was born in Nigeria on December 23, 1993. She is most known for her parts in several Nollywood movies, including Cry of a Witch, Idemili, and Scars of a Mother.

Chizzy began her career in the very competitive industry with bit parts before becoming a star who could flawlessly play any role in a film. Considering what has been observed, Chizzy still has a lot to offer the profession, and because she is now married, her love life is also not being sidelined.

Chizzy Achili Biography

Chigozie Stephanie Achili, often known as Chizzy Achili, is an actress in the Nollywood industry who is quickly coming to fame. She hails from Ezza Nkwubor Nike Enugu East, Enugu, The Coal City State. She was born on December 23rd, 1989 in Ezza Nkwubor Nike, Enugu, the place of her birth. At Enugu, the young and talented star completed both her primary and secondary education.

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Chizzy Alichi was born and raised by her devoted parents in Enugu. She is an Igbo girl who is a replica of her parents and their progeny. She has, however, been able to keep her family's identity hidden from the general public. Because of this, not much is known about them other than the fact that she has two elder siblings and that her parents are Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Alichi.

Chizzy Alichi Career

Chizzy discovered her skill at a very young age and didn't stop using it till she used it to make her goal come true. Some may argue that "not everyone has the luck she has," yet Chizzy Achili is one of those who has risen through the ranks since completing her secondary education. Throughout her secondary school, the now-famous actress participated in drama, role-playing, and performing arts.

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She then signed up with the Actors Guild of Nigeria a few years later, specifically in 2010, auditioned, and received no introductions at all. She gained notoriety after appearing in the film "The Drop of Blood," and she has since resisted taking a backseat in the industry.

Chizzy Achili, as previously indicated, began performing before she finished school. In 2010, she signed up with the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN). Chizzy continued to attend auditions and occasionally filled in for the small parts in the movies that helped to establish her. Her participation in these activities served as a stepping stone to her now-famous personality, despite the fact that she took courses that had nothing to do with her ideal vocation.

Chizzy Alichi Husband, Chike

Chizzy may be relatively well-known across a variety of media outlets, but when it comes to her romantic relationships, she always likes to keep them private. This could possibly be the reason she decided to wait to get serious about her relationship with her soon-to-be spouse.
Chizzy Achili and Chike Ugochukwu were engaged in September 2019 and got married in a traditional ceremony at their Enugu home in December 2019. In Lagos, they had a white wedding that was the buzz of the town because so many dignitaries were present.
There is no doubt that Chigozie and her husband spent a lot of money on that particular day based on the opulent wedding ceremony with a stunning gown, a sharp suit, and expensive attire for the reception. The location of the honeymoon, which the couple appeared to enjoy after their wedding, was not made public.

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