Chioma Denies Rumours Davido Is Abusing Her

FAKE NEWS, claims Chioma

By  | Jun 17, 2020, 09:22 AM  | Davido  | Relationships

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Davido's fiance and baby mama Chioma Rowland has rubbished reports she is being abused in their relationship...

According to bloggers, Davido is an abusive man with an explosive temper who often 'beats' Chioma into submission.

Some even go as far as claiming that Davido lied about his partner's positive corona-virus test and isolated her, because he had given her a heavy-handed beating.

Others claim Chioma is physically abusive too, believing she was the reason behind his sprained ankle.

Now the chef and influencer is speaking out for the first time about the allegations, which she claims are "disturbing rumours".

Taking to Instagram, Chioma wrote;  "I have found quite disturbing the stories of domestic abuse between myself and David and for once feel a need to speak up. Domestic violence and abuse is NO JOKE and not something to ever take lightly.

"Never has there ever been an incident of abuse in my home. He has never in his life lifted a finger to touch me and I have never so much as even pushed him....I'm not sure where in the world such stories have started from, but I want to ensure everyone showing concern whether fake or real, that such has never and will never happen.

"Further, we do not take such allegations of abuse lightly at all and if such persists then we will be jointly taking up action against the perpetrators of these disgusting rumors."

Chioma went on to give advice to real victims of abuse to speak up and seek help.

Read her full post below;
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In the comments section, fans and followers were divided by Chioma's post.

Some called out the popular star for not talking about other rumours doing the rounds - Davido's alleged affairs and rumoured fourth child. Others begged haters who continued to torment the famous family, to leave them alone.

In a time when real acts of gender-based violence needs our attention, let's stop spreading fake news!

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