Davido Bonds With Tiwa Savage's Son

Start them young?

By  | May 02, 2022, 09:26 AM  | Davido  | Relationships

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Celebrities tend to surround themselves with people of their own calibre, which often means that they hang out with fellow celebrities. And Davido just showed that the same is true here in Nigeria, as he shared the most heartwarming bonding moments with Tiwa Savage’s son. 

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The singer has recently returned to the gym after not going for a while. By his own admission, it has been rough for him – any of you who has ever had to pick a habit back up after a long hiatus would know exactly what that is like. 

But it seems that Davido is pretty serious about his fitness goals this year. Since he made the resolution to return to the gym, he has consistently been sharing videos of himself in intensive sessions, and he can already start to see the gains, which we love for him. 

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For his most recent session, he had his own personal cheerleader – Tiwa Savage’s son Jamil Balogun. After his intense session, he was joined by the 7 year old kid, who also wanted to join in on the weight lifting. 

What followed was a cute bonding session as Davido and his gym mates mentored Jamil as he worked out, showing him how to safely exercise without injuring himself. Is he too young? Well, we all remember being that age and the curiosity that comes with it. Plus he was surrounded by responsible adults so it was all harmless fun. 

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The two of them then proceeded to Davido’s lamborghini – yes, he went to the gym with a lamborghini – where Jamil got a once in a lifetime experience of the lavish car. It was adorable to watch his excitement in the moment, and it sort of captured the magic of experiencing something cool for the first time. 

It’s quite adorable that Davido just routinely spends time with his friends and their kids. Just watching them interact, you could see Davido being Jamil’s father figure, and Jamil seems to look up to the singer quite a bit, which is adorable. 

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This interaction is a perfect example of Davido’s big heart for those he cares about. As music producer Samklef recently said, the man shows a lot of love to those around him, which is a rare trait in this generation where it is “cool” not to care. 

Just recently, Davido shared the most heartwarming post dedicated to his baby mama and ex fiance Chioma Rowland, wishing her a happy birthday. He wished the best for her, and even promised to be praying for her, which is a promise we cannot take for granted. 

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It is no wonder that he is so blessed and successful. He must be such a delight to have around, and one of those people that everybody just roots for. 

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