Is This Zubby Michael's Twin Brother? Meet The Actors Siblings

Good looks run in the family

By  | Dec 28, 2022, 10:30 AM  | Relationships

Zubby Michael
Better known as Zubby Michael, Azubuike Michael Egwu is one of the most iconic Nollywood actors who also dabbles as a film producer.

Zubby Michael was born on the 1st of February, 1985 in Yola, Adamawa State to Mr and Mrs Egwu who are reportedly civil servants based in Awka Anambra State.

According to sources, the award-winning actor is the second born in a family of six children and he has five siblings- two brothers and three sisters.

There have been speculations about Zubby Michael having an identical twin brother, but are the speculations true? Here is everything you need to know about Zubby Michael’s brothers and sisters, the question about his twin brother, as well as his wife and children if he has any.

Zubby Michael’s brothers 

Chris Egwu, source: Facebook

Zubby Michael has two younger brothers- Stanley Egwu and Chris Egwu. Unlike their older brother, Stanley and Chris Egwu have maintained a relatively low profile, and not much is known about them.

Chris Egwu who has a striking resemblance to Zubby is reportedly a football player, it’s unclear what Stanley Egwu does.

Zubby Michael’s sisters

Zubby Egwu with one of his sisters, source: Facebook

Zubby Michael’s sisters are Mary Slimsugar Egwu, Cynthia Egwu, and Sheiley Egwu. Like his brothers, not much is known about Zubby Michael’s sisters although sources indicate that they are all married and his sister Mary Slimsugar has twin sons.

Does Zubby Michael have a twin brother?

Zubby Michael with his brother, Chris, source: Facebook

Although there have been some reports that Zubby Michael is a twin and has an identical twin brother, sources indicate that he does not have a twin brother.

Some sources have speculated that Zubby Michael’s brother- Chris Egwu is his twin brother based on their striking resemblance but they are twins, Chris is just his younger brother.

Zubby Michael’s wife and children

Zubby Michael might have played the role of a married man in several films, but in real life, he is currently unmarried.

Although he is not married, Zubby Michael has dated a few prolific women in Nigeria’s entertainment industry. 

One of his highest-profile relationships was with Mary Jane Okoye- a younger sister to the P Square brothers. The two met in 2010 during actor Mike Ezuruonye’s traditional wedding ceremony and started dating shortly after but sadly they did not end up at the altar but parted ways as they reportedly wanted to pursue different goals in life.

Zubby Michael does not have any biological children currently although he is rumoured to have adopted a Nollywood actor- Chikamso Ejiofor popularly known as Ozonigbo whom he refers to as his Nollywood son.

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