Newlywed Lizzy Anjorin Reacts To Wild Rumours About New Husband

Has Lizzy found herself in a crazy entanglement?

By  | Jul 20, 2020, 08:37 AM  | Lizzy Anjorin  | Relationships

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It was meant to be a happy occasion for Naija actress Lizzy Anjorin who married her Prince Charming over the weekend...

However the Yoruba screen star found herself responding to wild rumours doing the rounds suggesting her new spouse - Lateef Lawal - abandoned his family, consisting of five wives and multiple children, including a three month old baby, to be with her.

Lizzy - who is a single mom to daughter Rotimi - shared pics of her big day on social media to the delight of her fans. The star, decked in a beautiful white dress and headpiece, revealed she married her best friend of 14 years.

"May Allah give us long life and all beautiful things of life so that, I can come out and tell the whole world our story," she wrote alongside a series of posts.

Take a look at some of the pics from the wedding day;
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However it wasn't long until her big moment was spoiled by claims that Lateef had a dodgy past, including multiple baby mamas and children who were dependent on him.

Lizzy caught wind of the rumours and took the time to set the record straight, assuring fans that her husband was hers alone and the other women were not legally bound to him

She wrote in a lengthy IG post; "I state to counter all the lies surrounding my recent marriage to my lovely husband. Marrying my friend of over fourteen years means he is a good man and generous man, but the reason he didn't marry them legally is known to him alone".

Lizzy claimed she had committed no crime as she was Lateef's only legal wife, and that any woman suggesting otherwise, should post her marriage certificate on social media!

"The pictures been displayed on social media by these haters, are people never known to my if anyone knows nor think otherwise, such person should proceed to court to prove such or post her certificate here on social media", she added.

She then claimed that a woman claiming they had bore children to her husband should undergo a DNA test to prove it!

She continued; "NB: If you have baby/babies for my husband I will gladly accept it, once DNA proves it...Me and My husband mansion is big enough to accommodate 10,000 children"

Read the full post below;
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Looks like Lizzy got herself in one helluva messy entanglement!

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