Phyno’s Wife-Who Holds This Title?

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By  | Dec 22, 2022, 08:09 AM  | Relationships

Image of Phyno’s wife
Phyno was accused of being gay after images of him kissing Nigerian rapper Kcee went viral online. At the MTV Award Nominees party in 2014, the Nigerian rapper was captured posing as though he was kissing Kcee. The photo garnered attention and generated a lot of conversation because Phyno has never spoken openly about his love life and Kcee at the time denied being married by referring to his wife as his sister.

Phyno, however, attacked the paparazzi on his Instagram page. He further clarified the situation by saying that, while he normally wouldn't answer, he did so out of consideration for his supporters and to let them know that he is straight and not gay. He continued by saying that the picture was taken at an incorrect angle.

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Phyno and Yemi Alade

(Image | Instagram)
Another well-known person from Nigeria, Yemi Alade, was said to be dating the Igbo rapper. She confessed to having feelings for Phyno. At an MTV Base real discussion, Yemi also disclosed that she had fallen in love with the musician. She continued by saying she would be open to dating the Igbo rapper. This increased rumors that the two were having a romantic relationship.

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Chidinma Ekile

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Phyno was also said to have been romantically involved with Chidinma Ekile, a musician from Nigeria. The two ignored the claim and neither accepted nor rejected it. The two collaborated on the smash song "bless my hustle" by Phyno. Many others believed they were the ideal pair based on their on-screen chemistry.

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Genevieve Nnaji

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According to rumors, the Igbo rapper dated Genevive Nnaji, a Nigerian actress, several years ago. Phyno dispelled the rumor that he was in a relationship with the actress and had a tremendous celebrity crush on her. This explains why he referred to her by name numerous times in his music album No Guts, No Glory. He continued by saying that nothing is impossible, thus he cannot deny his desire to date her.

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The Azubuikes are Phyno's parents. She is secretive about a lot of things. Phyno did once publish a photo of himself with his mother, though.

The only thing Phyno has ever stated about his father is that he disapproved of his desire to pursue a career as an artist, yet Phyno persisted in his musical endeavors and demonstrated that it is possible to lead a fulfilling life while pursuing music.

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The fourth of five kids. That is to say, he has 4 siblings.

Wife and children

Phyno is not currently married, but he demonstrated in an interview that he is available and single. We anticipate seeing him shortly at work on the islands.

It's not actually necessary to get married in order to have kids. As a result, many people have enquired as to Phyno's parental status.

It is true that the Igbo rapper is now childless. This post will be updated as soon as we learn more to provide the most recent information.
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