Ned Nwoko Put On Blast Over Comments About Marrying Virgins

Tweeps claim Regina's hubby has 'pervert' tendencies...

By  | Jul 15, 2020, 07:07 AM  | Regina Daniels  | Relationships

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Regina Daniels's husband Ned Nwoko has faced backlash over comments he made in an interview stating he only dates 'decent' women and marries 'virgins'...

The 59-year-old politician and billionaire businessman made the shocking statement when revealing why he chose the former child-star as his fifth wife.

As if their relationship has not drummed up enough controversy because of the 40-year age gap, Ned implied that he was only interested in Regina - who celebrated her son's naming ceremony last weekend - when he discovered she was a virgin.

“I have always said that I wouldn’t marry anybody who isn’t a virgin and that is very important to me. When I found out that she was a virgin, it reinforced my decision to marry her. I married all my wives as virgins”, Ned told The Punch newspaper.

He also claims he pursued her after discovering she was "decent" and that he liked where she came from (Asaba).
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He continued; “I liked her when I saw her, especially when I found out that she was from that place. I had always wanted to have somebody (a wife) from my side. We were introduced to each other and one thing led to another. That was when I found out she is a very decent girl”.

But instead of appreciating their love-story, many people have claimed Ned's comments have proved that he 'preyed' on Regina, as a young, influential girl

Journalist Azuka Jebose put Ned on blast for being a "sick, dirty old b*****d" in a social media post. He wrote; "He married her and his ex-wives because they were virgins. Now that Regina is no longer a virgin, how long shall the marriage last?"

He continued; "These statements suggest that Ned is a fetish and a cultist. He is also, by his confession, a sick man-child... Married your wife because she is a damn virgin? Irresponsible and stupid statement".
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Tweeps also reacted in anger to Ned's comments. See what they had to say...

Do you think Ned crossed the line with his comments?

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