Toke Makwina Reveals 'The Stupidest Things Nigerians Say'

Here's what NOT to ever say to Toke...

By  | Jun 25, 2020, 09:02 AM  | Toke Makinwa  | Relationships

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Toke Makinwa has revealed one of her pet peeves - stupid questions!

And the socialite and fashion icon has gone as far as to explain exactly what those stupid questions are, in a hilarious new YouTube video.

If you ever find yourself making conversation with the Toke-starr, please don't ask her these questions...

How was your night?

"Sometimes if I had sex the night before, that's literally what I'm thinking of when you ask this question. Do you really want me to tell you about my sexcapades and how I was up to 3am sweating?" the cheeky star added.

Are you awake?

"B**** I answered the phone. No I'm sleeping and I'm just talking to you in my dreams", Toke says rolling her eyes.

Have you eaten?

"Nigerians think this is romantic as a form of endearment. I don't think it is, I think it's annoying," she added with a look of irritation.

Toke also listed a number of "weirdest things Nigerians say"

Of them she claims; "It's too personal, it's too intrusive, It makes me want to blow out my brains!".

Watch the video below to see exactly what she had to say...
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