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Anyone who understands how to use music and dancing to unwind should strive to get to know Obidi Chukwumfumnaya Anita (Korra Obidi). Korra is gifted in many areas; she can sing and dance very well.

In addition, she is quite attractive and always joyful. With her numerous dancing moves in her videos and photos, Korra Obidi amuses a sizable following of followers on her social media accounts.

With her social media accounts, Korra Obidi has shown pregnant women that they can still be active and joyful even when carrying a child.

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Korra Obidi's Husband

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Dr Justin Dean, an American man who also happens to be a sports therapist and chiropractor, is the husband of Korra Obidi. His support for her work is unwavering. A girl is born into the union.

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Dr Justin Dean, Korra Obidi's husband, startled many of their fans and followers on March 10 when he announced that he was divorcing her. At first, it was assumed to be a joke, but he went above and beyond to show that he was serious. This happened just a week after Korra Obidi was delivered home with her husband's help.

Read his post;

"Korra Obidi and I are getting a divorce. It is over! I would not be treated this way any longer. I did my absolute best to make it work. I did not want this, I did my best, my heart is broken. I supported her, loved her and I don't deserve the way I was treated."


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Even with all the success she has already achieved and the enormous fan base she has amassed today, Korra Obidi's career didn't start smoothly; she had to work hard to advance after starting by dancing in churches. She was praised for her hard work as a woman and her dancing skills and stage energy, which were consistently above and beyond anyone's expectations. Her ability to keep you watching her dance performance until it was through was a key factor in building her fan base.

To advance her dancing career professionally, Korra Obidi received instruction in both classical and belly dance in Cairo and Lagos under the tutelage of Priti Mastakar.

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With the release of her first official single, Man Like You and an Extended Play titled Woman Power, in 2015, Korra Obidi made a name for herself in the music industry. This body of work combined virtually every genre of top-tier music, including afrobeat and R&B.

Her 2017 world cup single, Africa, received a ton of positive feedback, and her 2018 release, Parkwell, peaked in the top four of the Nigerian music charts.

Additionally, Korra Obidi emerged as a model to watch after winning Miss Radiography at the University of Lagos in 2009, Miss Moremi at the same institution in 2010, and Miss Congeniality for Miss Global Nigeria in 2014.

Furthermore, Korra Obidi was a prominent model in the Black Eye Peas' Wings music video, in addition to walking the runways during the GTBank Fashion Week and the Port Harcourt International Fashion Week.

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