Yemi Alade And Patoranking- A Wedding Or A Stunt?

The Suspense Is Killing Us

By  | Jan 26, 2021, 02:02 PM  | Yemi Alade  | Relationships

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The spotlight is not a drug, but it is addictive, as we have seen over time with people who have tasted fame and no longer enjoy living in the shadows. These people would do anything to stay relevant; they would even fake their death, or pretend to acquire properties for themselves or their parents.
The most recent stunt people have been pulling is the love stunt: they are either getting married or engaged or in a relationship.

We can not say exactly what the case is between Yemi Alade and Patoranking, but just like everyone else, we are waiting to find out. We do not know whether it is a publicity stunt, or it’s true love. We would like for it to be both, but right now, Reggae-Dancehall star and Mama Africa are keeping fans on their toes.

People started asking questions when a few days ago, Patoranking tweeted a picture of Yemi with a heart emoji, and she retweeted. From then, they engaged each other in online banter, complimented with love-struck emojis for effect.

Recently, the pair, who were both coaches for the inaugural season of The Voice Nigeria released pictures of both of them in matching traditional outfits on their Instagram pages, where Yemi captioned hers ‘papi’ and Patoranking captioned his ‘mon Bebe’.

In the non-celebrity world, these terms of endearment would naturally mean something serious is about to happen or has happened, but we can’t say for sure how our celebrities think.

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A while ago, the comedian Arole released stunning pictures with a beautiful lady, and their social media was filled with congratulatory messages until we found out it was a photo shoot for a collaboration they worked on. Juliet Ibrahim and VJ Adams also got everyone talking in their white-wedding-themed pictures, which turned out to be a campaign for a luxury bridal brand.

Someone should help us tell these people that we do not like what we hate, please.

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Apart from being in the news for his music, Patoranking is reported to be one of the few stars who is vocal about many things, including his relationship with his son. In December 2019, he posted a picture of him and a lovely lady with the caption ‘I’m in love’. We later saw that it was the next song to be released in February, with the caption as the title. I’m in love presently has 8million views on Youtube.

A few months ago, Patoranking convinced Ghanaian footballer Partey to sign a deal with Arsenal

There seems to be a trend: falling in love when he’s about to release a new body of work. But only time will tell.  
Since his first record deal in 2010 with K-Sollo’s Igberaga records, Patoranking has been on a rise.

Yemi Alade has been linked to music producer Selebobo, and actor Alex Ekubo who appeared as Johnny in her hit single ‘Johnny’. She was also alleged to have been in a relationship with her manager Taiye Aliyu.  

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After winning the Peak Talent Show in 2009, Yemi has been a rocket on a steady ascent to the top, and no one is looking forward to her decline. She is, after all, our own Mama Africa.

No one knows what is happening, except these two stars and their people. But we will be here to watch it all play out, and we won't be surprised if the title of the song is 'Mon Bebe'.

Image Credit: Yemi Alade and Patoranking Instagram

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