Celebs Who Openly Use Juju

This list will shock you

By  | Jan 14, 2022, 04:26 PM

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From the secrets of life to death, the universe is a box full of infinite secrets. People have been leaning into their spiritual side since the beginning of time to try solve or understand many of these mysteries or merely to feed a need for fame, love, healing, or money. When it comes to engaging in juju or muthi, celebrities are no different, and most of them don't even hide it anymore. Many people are outspoken about their spiritual side and consult their 'ancestors' on a variety of issues.

Some of our fav famous faces have either been suspected, accused or out rightly admitted to using or dabbling in juju - here they are.

The list begins with Zodwa Wabantu. There's no denying that everything about the entertainer is controversial in some way. She has a tendency of getting people talking, whether it's dating 'Ben10's, being a self-proclaimed panty-less dancer, or being banned from various countries. Zondwa's candid admission that her success is directly related to her use of juju, sent shockwaves across her fanbase. When she shared a video on Instagram of herself going and consulting with a traditional doctor, she reaffirmed her admission.

Sjava, a singer and actor, is up next. The performer has also been outspoken about his usage of juju, claiming that it is a cultural ritual in which he participates. Although he has not stated explicitly that his success is due to the cultural practice, some of his followers have suspected.

Mampintsha Shimora, a well-known music producer, is the next person on our list. Despite the fact that he has never admitted to using juju, he has been suspected of doing so. Surprisingly, his 'father in-law' was the one who brought the claims. Reverend Mbongeni Simelane, his 'father in-law,' claimed in an interview that the only reason his daughter was still with Mampintsha, who had regularly assaulted her - even on camera - was juju.

Teko Modise, a professional footballer, is another surprise on the list. During his time with Orlando Pirates, the player admitted to getting multiple experiences with juju. The footballer described how his former football club used juju to win games, and how players were required to soak their socks in various 'medicines' prior to games. Isn't it crazy?!

Bonang Matheba is another favorite celebrity who has been accused of the practice. Following her brief relationship with rapper AKA, the two fell out, with the rapper accusing her of using juju to force him to abandon his baby mom and fall in love with her. Obviously, queen B did not respond to these accusations, and the news faded quickly; however, because to their craziness, they continue to live rent free in our minds.

Boity Thulo, a South African sweetheart, rapper, and businesswoman, rounds off our list. This media star has spoken out about her ancestral calling and what it means to her. She has also been open about her decision to become a sangoma

Do you know any other celebrities you would add to this list?