'Laughter Is Medicine'

Mammito opens up about her journey in comedy.

By  | Jun 01, 2021, 12:38 PM

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It's true, laughter is the best medicine, but getting people to always laugh at your jokes is a different story. We all want to carve our own paths and do what we love, but getting out there and making yourself known is not always easy. Eunice Wanjiru's journey to being one of the best female comedians in Africa, only at the age of 27 is one that proves hard work and determination do pay off. No matter how many times you go for that interview and you get rejected, that's not the end because it's only the beginning of the road to greater things.

Before Mammito became a star, she was a regular Nairobi girl who was desperate to make a name for herself. She has beaten the odds but she never forgot where she came from and with her KICA initiative in Kibra, she's empowering little Kenyan girls to follow their dreams and never give up on anything.

So how did she make it so big in the world of comedy?

"Laughter is medicine," she likes to say.

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