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By  | Jan 28, 2021, 07:10 PM

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South Africa

DJ Sbu Quits Radio After 20 Years

After a 20 year run in radio, DJ Sbu is finally hanging up his headphones . "I didn't think I'd go this far. I'm stepping away from the mic to focus on mentoring new talent,"

"I wanted to go out with big achievement and thought what a better way than a world record. We also used it to raise funds. We raised money for a homeless shelter in Tembsa in Ekurhuleni called Siyazigabisa Home of Hope," he said.


"Don’t Keep Up With Me, I’m Not A Kardashian"

On Instagram Dillish Mathews told everyone on her story that she is not a Kardashian and that people should not try to keep up with her. Fans have been pestering her about love life so she finally put a stop to it.


The Mafias Want Pastor Mondo Dead

Pastor Mondo believes there is a group of government mafias that are after his life. We can reliably inform you that Mondo is alive and kicking except that he is in South Africa where he is hiding. It is alleged that the he and four other peopled fraudulently acquired money to the tune of 4 billion Uganda shillings from the flock promising them greener pastures abroad, in this case, Pastor Mondo was involved as a consultant.


Venita Narrates Her Ordeal In Hands Of Media Executive

Venita reveals how her media manager wanted to get cosy with her. "The company was well established and boasted a roster of worthy influencers. I was welcomed and I felt at home with the brand. Unfortunately for me the “media head” who also has a similar industry background, decided I looked like his ex-wife and carried my matter on his head.
Even when I was gifted penthouse hotel experience for my birthday, he insisted on spending the night as “he couldn’t go home and had an early island appointment. I left the whole suite for him and went home as I will not subject myself to any inappropriate circumstances’."


Diamond Re-gifts Tanasha Her Super Expensive Birthday Gift

Ex Diamond gifted the beautiful Tanasha all the material gifts in Tanazania. One of those, was her Prado TX gifted to her by Diamond on her birthday. Many would have expected Diamond Platnumz to have sold this car; but it turns out that he kept it for her and now that Tanasha is in Bongo, this is the car she has been rolling around in.


Shona Ferguson Is Back With A Connie Blooper

The Fergusons are sharing adorable vibes with their fans. Film-maker and actor Shona first shared a blooper reel on Instagram. This showed the funny side of filmmaking! After this, Connie shared a sweet surprise she had planned for her husband. Cute! 

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