5 Great Nollywood Actors Who Have Now Become Pastors

From The Big Screens To The Pulpit

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Many outstanding actors have come and gone in the Nollywood industry, and we often wonder where they went. In this post, I will expose to you some actors that left theater to become Christian evangelists.

Humans, in their desire to resonate and have an intimate relationship with God, have taken actions and done things that they would not have done otherwise. Some people even go as far as giving up their "worldly" lifestyle, unhealthy habits, and other major life decisions.

The focus of this essay will be on senior actresses and performers who have kept us captivated to our television sets for a long time but have given up acting in order to pursue a closer relationship with their heavenly master.

Despite their enthusiasm for the movie industry, these Nollywood icons and celebrities have chosen to pursue a pastoral calling to minister the gospel to God's people. These are the names of five Nollywood actors and actresses who have gone on to become pastors.

Patience Ozokwor (AKA Mama G)

Patience Ozokwor, often known as Mama G, is a well-known Nollywood legend and actress most known for portraying the "wicked stepmother" or "wicked mother-in-law" in Nigerian films. She's been a regular on the Nollywood screen for quite some time now (over a decade or two).

It is still unclear whether she has left the screen for full-time evangelism or is juggling two worlds, although she has been observed evangelizing in Lagos and other southern states on multiple occasions.

Zack Orji

Zack Orji, who has been one of the most versatile and successful Nollywood onscreen actors for over a decade, is most known for his role as a pastor in Nigerian films. 

Because of his on-screen responsibilities, Zack's decision to toe the line of pastoral participation was not surprising. In 2012, he was ordained into the evangelistic ministry and is currently working full-time as an evangelist.

Kanayo O Kanayo

Kanayo O Kanayo, a seasoned actor and legend, is known for his money ritual activities in movies, which usually involve his family. The famous actor first appeared in the blockbuster film "living in bondage" in 1992, and has since established himself in the Nollywood film business. 

However, things have changed, as the veteran actor has been spotted sharing the gospel with congregations on multiple occasions.

Eucharia Anunobi

Anunobi Eucharia is a prominent Nigerian movie goddess best known for her roles in the films "glamor girls" (made and shown in 1995) and "Abuja Connection" (produced and aired in 2005). She was then seen and admired for her unwavering efforts in films with provocative and attractive characters.

Eucharia was consecrated as an evangelist on February 5, 2012, after revealing that she had surrendered her life to Christ the day before. She's been preaching the gospel since then, and she's kept that statement in mind.

Charles Okafor

Charles Okafor, a genius in the movie industry, has left fans wondering where he was because he hasn't been seen on film in a long time.

The actor turned preacher, who has joined other actors in the soul-winning business, is now an ordained pastor who teaches the Bible. On the large screens, they are much missed.

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