Arole Calls Out Modern Witchcraft

He Warned Men To Be Careful

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Nigerian Comedian Woli Arole has spoken up about the presence of sexual enhancements products all around the country. He likened it to witchcraft and called them modern internet witches. He also asked guys to be careful not to be caught unawares through sex.

Witchcraft has been modernized into sexual enhancement products and sexual juices. Guys out there be careful. Don’t let them remote your DESTINY through SEX. Retweet this to save a soul on your timeline. There are now MODERN INTERNET WITCHES.
Arole tweeted this a few hours after he had uploaded a video of on-air personalities Toolz and Gbemi O speaking to a supplier of the products and the conversation that ensued. The supplier was pitching powder and padlocks that a woman could use to lock down any man of her choice.

He wrote: God bless @toolzo and @gbemioo for this video. 
See the act of witchcraft had been modernised in the name of sexual herbs and juice. Guys out there be careful before your destiny is been remote. Ire oooo!!!!!

A lady commented: 
You buy juju, back am with 3 days fasting 😂😂😂. How foolish, and when you go back and say you didn't see result, they will tell you, you didn't follow instructions 😂😂, who are these gullible women buying these things
Another follower spoke on the need to train children with solid morals

Almost all abominable acts have been integrated in the modern culture through social media and even worse, these heinous acts are praised. Adultery and fornication is made fashionable and given sleek names, cross-dressers are celebrated and they even give Advice, Wicca witchcraft is perpetrated with impunity. The society now shames people with morals and uplift the Decadents. To train up a child on a solid foundation of right and wrong in this era requires a lot of vigilance.

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A lady known as Ibiwumi called it kayanmata in action

Kayamata in action for men who can't control their emotions. And for men who can stay faithful to their wives. God will deliver our men in Jesus name

first time I heard the word I almost choked. Total nonsense. SM influencers making money off people’s stupidity. Just like all this so-called skin vendors, are they dermatologists? Everybody is making so called “organic cream “. Rate of skin cancer would be high in few years to come.

Ryan did not think Nigerians were making good use of their dark powers, with his reason being that Americans used their for inventions.

Why are Africans with black mind! Oyinbo get juju but they use it to invent instead of this our black mindset
Someone else shared his experience about how he escaped from the charms
U re right oooo. Them plenty day waka up nd dawn day look for life’s to remote oooo. Don’t be carried away with life nd the sweetness oooo we done tell una our own ooo. Them want get me too but I run 

Arole is one of the comedians in the country who uses his platform to share about his faith.

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