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Bobrisky’s biography has some interesting tit-bits about his controversial lifestyle.

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Popular cross-dresser Bobrisky has become one of Nigeria’s most loved and controversial stars. 

When he is not making headlines for his flashy lifestyle, he is leaving his followers guessing about his sexuality and causing controversy wherever he goes. 

Bobrisky’s biography reads like a telenovela filled with many highs and lows. 

Love him or hate, there’s no stopping Bobrisky.

Bobrisky Fraud

Popular transgender influence and socialite Bobrisky has allegedly been arrested for committing fraud...

According to Punch, the Instagram star was arrested in Lekki, Lagos after being accused by an unidentified woman of allegedly collecting N3 million via fraudulent means.

Police spokesperson Frank Mba told the publication;

"He (Bobrisky) was arrested, but he has been granted bail; he is no longer in our custody but he is still under investigation. He was arrested on the allegation by a businesswoman that he fraudulently collected N3 million from her."

A video of Bobrisky being escorted by the police even went viral.

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This is not the first time she has been arrested. 

Who is Bobrisky? 

Bobrisky’s rise to fame began on Snapchat. His followers loved his flamboyant personality and he soon became an internet star. 

He expanded his audience on other social media platforms and the rest is history. But there is more to Bobrisky than just fabulous designer clothes and expensive wigs.

Bobrisky is a businessman and has several ventures under his belt, including a clothing boutique and his own eyelash line called Bob Wings.

His company Bobrisky Skincare also sells a range of beauty products, including skin-lightening creams.

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Bobrisky real name

Bobrisky’s real name is Okuneye Idris Olarenwaju. He calls himself Bobrisky as a show of defiance to all his haters – some who have gone as far as to call him demon-possessed.

He was called Bobo, a word used to describe someone who is “weird” or "silly" because he often wore women’s clothing. People thought his behaviour was risky.

He combined Bobo and risky to come up with the name Bobrisky for her celebrity persona.

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Bobrisky Parents 

Bobrisky was born in Ebute-Metta, Lagos.

father was in a polygamous marriage and had three wives.  Bobrisky’s father did not have a problem with his lifestyle and encouraged him to choose the right path for himself.

His mother was not so accepting of his feminine side at first. Bobrisky revealed in several interviews that she once sent “hoodlums to manhandle” him. However, before her death in 2008, she accepted her son for who he was.

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Bobrisky Gender

There has been much talk about Bobrisky’s gender. Is Bobrisky male or female? Is Bobrisky transgender? Is Bobrisky gay? These are the questions that continue to plague him.

Bobrisky was born a man and describes himself as a crossdresser. LGBTQI+ activists refer to Bobrisky as “She/Her”. Many have questioned if he has undergone surgery to become a woman, but Bobrisky has said in several interviews that he has no desire to physically become a woman. 

He describes Bobrisky as a “character” not a girl.

It’s a character he takes seriously. Bobrisky was pictured wearing a faux silicone breastplate in May 2019, which is popular with drag queens.

While Bobrisky has sometimes referred to himself as transgender in his Instagram captions, he is not believed to have undergone any permanent changes to become a woman. It’s no surprise that Bobrisky is keeping people guessing about his sexuality.

Nigeria has tough gay laws that could see him spending years in prison.

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Bobrisky Relationships

Bobrisky’s dating life has also caused confusion among his fans. Men have often complimented him when he is dressed as a woman, but he apparently only dates women.

In 2018, he opened up about a serious relationship with a woman based in London. She allegedly understands his lifestyle and they were both keen to one day get married. It’s unclear if they are still dating.

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Bobrisky’s Age

Bobrisky was allegedly born on August 31, 1992, which makes him 27.

He looks much older than 27, leading some to claim he is lying about his age. Blame it on all the makeup he wears to transform into a woman!

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Bobrisky arrested 

What was meant to be a day of celebration for Bobrisky ended with drama after police reportedly stormed his birthday venue last week.

Some claimed police arrested the crossdresser, while others alleged he was on the run. But Bobrisky is alive and well – just heartbroken that his lavish birthday party was halted by police.

“I know it’s painful, especially for those who travelled to Nigeria for my celebrate me… I love you all,” he wrote on his Instagram Story.

Despite the setback, Bobrisky assured his fans that he is a “hard rock” and nothing can break him. His birthday party allegedly cost 19-million naira.

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Bobrisky before and after, old pictures

When Bobrisky’s haters are not obsessing about his sexuality and gender, they are uncovering old pictures of him before his cross-dressing days. 

Many are curious to see what Bobrisky’s before and after pictures look like as his transformation has been drastic. He was previously a dark-skinned man with short hair and now looks like an African Barbie with fair skin. 

Here’s a look at some of his old pictures.

Bobrisky net worth 

Some are disgusted by his lifestyle, others can’t help but mock his looks, but Bobrisky is the only one laughing all the way to the bank.

Depending on who you speak to, Bobrisky’s net worth is between ₦75 million and ₦500 million. 

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Bobrisky House

Bobrisky is living the good life. Not only does he live in a mansion, but he also drives several fancy cars, including a Mercedes-Benz ML500 worth ₦8.5 million.

Bobrisky’s house has expensive custom-made interior designs and decor, including a giant leather headboard.

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Bobrisky and Obialor James Brown

Nigerian dancer Obialor, also known as ‘James Brown’, made headlines in 2018 after he was arrested just before taking to the stage at an event in Lagos.

He was nabbed along with 56 other men who were arrested for alleged homosexuality. A video of Obialor speaking broken English on national TV after the police raid went viral.

“They didn’t caught me,” he told a reporter.

While many found the incident a laughing matter, Bobrisky stepped in to offer the young man financial support. He gave Obialor ₦100 000 for bravely defending himself after the “57 arrests” drama and for speaking out about his HIV positive status. Obialor was also a guest at Bobrisky's ill-fated 27th birthday party.

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