Celebrities Who Rose To Fame Overnight

Social media came through for them

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Celebrities who rose to fame overnight
Maybe they were meant to be famous just that their time had not yet reached. Now, they are the biggest thing on social media entertaining their fans all over. Their dreams came through and at least we know them now. The power of social media is undeniable.

Here is a list of celebrities who rose to fame overnight:


Usamn rose to fame when he appeared on 90 day fiance an American reality show that features individuals from different countries who have to find love in 90 days, get engaged and secure a green card to the US. 

His relationship with Lisa his ex-wife who is an American captured the attention of many viewers of the show because of their age difference. Lisa was older than Usman by far. Fans were captivated by their storyline but unfortunately, their relationship did not work as it was filled with a lot of drama.

Lisa claimed that Usman was only using her to come to the United States and further his music career using the show. Now, Usamn is known by viewers from different countries and has returned to the show for another season with the same storyline of being in a relationship with another older American woman. 

Seems the 90 day fiance show saw something in Usman and decided to recast him for another season.

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Josh2funny had tried his luck in comedy but unfortunately failed. He became popular through Instagram after a skit he did where he was slapping his friend continuously into confusion caught the attention of many.

The comedian also performs skits where he does parodies of famous songs in a funny tune. Imagine shine bright like a diamond by Rihanna in a hilarious tune. Josh2funny definitely had us with that one.  

Let us not forget that he is the one who started the don’t leave me challenge that went viral.

The video went viral and that is how Josh2funny became famous. The comedian is now bagging endorsement deals in Nigeria.

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Lasisi Elenu

Lasis rose to prominence in 2017, after he began using a Snapchat filter, to post his comedy skits on Instagram with the caption "sum jus happened right now."

He was in the music business before he ventured into comedy. Lasis victory came when he did the video about Nigerian potholes.

He has over 3 million Instagram followers and calls himself  the "NO 1 INSTAGRAM RANTER."

He employs a Snapchat filter that distorts his face and mouth which makes him look absolutely funny. It is quite impressive to see the level of creativity our comedians have to make a living.

Lasis currently has his own DSTV comedy series.

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Secular musician turned gospel artist Chidinma became famous after she won the MTN project fame academy in 2010. Since then she has been releasing hits and working hard to remain on Top.

She became the first female musician to reach number one on the MTV Base Official Naija Top 10 chart after the release of the music video for her single "Emi Ni Baller."

Other songs that Chidinma is famously known for are Bless My Hustle, Jolly, Run Dia mouth, and many more.

Chidinma seems to have a few tricks up her sleeves, as she has also tried her luck in acting. In 2017 she was featured in a movie called  The Bridge.

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Broda Shaggy

Broda Shaggy gained fame in 2016 after his comedy skit "Jesus appeared in Mushin" went viral. Since then, he has made a name for himself as an online comedian, becoming wealthy and signing numerous endorsement deals.
He is also an actor and has appeared in several movies playing the cheeky and funny Shaggy that we all know. He has recently been featured in the comic movie Chief Daddy 2.

Broda shaggy's inclusion in the film was a good idea because he made it even funnier and more entertaining as he acted alongside actor and musician Falz.

It is evident that dreams do come true.

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Mr Macaroni

His real name is Debo Adebayo and portrays himself as Mr. Macaroni in his online skits a wealthy businessman who is easily swayed away by attractive ladies. His other name is also Mr. Freaky freaky.

Debo has been in the acting scene for a long time but was tired of the frustration of waiting for producers to cast him in roles in movies. He, therefore, decided to start doing online videos.

He has won various awards in his content creation journey. Debo was nominated for The Future Awards Africa and City People Music Awards, comedy act of the year, and won. 

Lucky for him Mr. Macaroni took off and went viral.

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Sydney Talker

Sydney Talker was quite the comedian in his school days, he rose to fame in 2016 after posting his skit, “The Poor Power Supply” on Instagram. The comedy skit did rounds on social media having more than 15,000 viewers.

Since then, Sydney Talker has gained more than 3 million Instagram followers on his social media account. He has also been seen hanging out with big celebrities like Davido and has even featured other celebs in his skits.

We have to applaud Sydney for always going out of his way to give us quality content. He is so creative with his skits which gives us reason why he is loved in the county.

He brings up issues that affect our everyday lives in a lighthearted manner, reminding us not to take life too seriously.

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Yemi Alade

The talented musician came into the limelight after she won peak talent show in 2009. She is famous for the hit song Johnny that was loved by many, which also kicked off her music career. 

The singer and songwriter has gathered a total of 15.7 million followers on her Instagram account. 

When Yemi Alade walks on stage, you know something big is about to happen. In her performances, the musician gives her all. She has even won the best performer award twice, The Award Headies Best Performer.

Honestly, she is a hardworking individual.

Yemi Alade is also an actress who has been featured in the movie Omo Ghetto. 
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