Celebrities Who’ve Had Shocking Body Transformations

They don't look the same

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Celebrities who’ve had shocking body transformations
Celebrities are known for looking gorgeous and if they don’t they go through a lot of trolling on social media. We understand there is a lot of pressure to look perfect once you are famous but honestly some of them are unrecognizable. Some stars shed off weight and others went for plastic surgery to change their appearance.

Keep reading to find out shocking celebrity body transformations.

Toke Makinwa

Nigeria was taken aback by socialite Toke Makinwa's body transformation. It was one of the most talked-about in the country. 

Rumors made rounds online, people wondering whether she went under the knife to achieve her new body. Back in 2018 Toke made it clear that she was not comfortable with how her body looked and decided to change it.

She also spoke candidly in her vlog and stated that everyone has something they do not like about their body. She added  If we are open to the invention of technology, why are we not open to the invention of medical science.

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Tonto Dikeh

If you know seasoned actress Tonto Dikeh, you are aware she is very controversial and opinionated. 

Whereas other celebrities tried to dodge and lie about having plastic surgery, Tonto Dikeh proudly admitted to having work done on her body. She even revealed that she had done it several times.

The famous actress went all out to even show herself undergoing surgery in the operating room. There is no need to judge her because the doctor did an excellent job on her.

Tonto now has the body she has been dreaming of. The actress has revealed on various occasions that she was not happy with the way her body looked. She decided to fix what she thought was not right.

Tonto was and is still beautiful.

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Elvina Ibru

Elvina Ibru, a Nollywood actress, has lost a lot of weight and is almost unrecognizable.

Speaking about her weight loss journey to The Nation she stated that it was not about looking more prettier or beautiful but about her health even though there were no health challenges posed by her previous weight.

Elvina used to weigh 210kgs and credits her weight loss to her sister, who encouraged her to lose weight after she herself slimmed down.

It is good to see Elvina in a different light considering she has been struggling with her weight for a long time.

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Destiny Amaka

Media personality Destiny Amaka is another beautiful lady who shed some weight. However, her previous weight was no issue as she is known to be a voluptuous lady. 

Her weight loss came about after she had an emotional breakdown and lost her appetite. To her surprise, she lost a lot of weight as a result of not eating and realized that her body does not need as much food as she thought. 

She now has a petite body and seems to be in a happy place with her new size. Destiny put in a lot of hard work to maintain a fit frame by cutting off her portions. She did not want to go back to her old weight.

It seems it has all paid off because she looks incredible.

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Ime Bishop Umo

Funny Nollywood actor Ime Bishop posted a pic on his socials and fans were shocked. He longer had his signature pot belly. In the pic, he was all buffed up with a flat stomach.

He featured in the movie Okon Lagos that gave him rise to prominence and also gave him his famous nickname Okon. People actually thought that was his real name. 

Ime Bishop is well-known for the comedic relief he offers in his films. Most of the time, he is cast as a gatekeeper, and believe us when we say you will laugh.

Kudos to the actor for shedding some weight.

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Koko (Khloe)

Former BBNija housemate Abiri Olubusayo had a butt enlargement procedure that had the internet going wild.

Khloe had a skinny physique and fans noticed immediately when she posted a pic on IG that something was not right. 

Initially, she refuted rumors of having gone under the knife but was later forced to tell the truth after a video of her getting liposuction surfaced online.

We have to admit that her doctor also did an excellent job on her, as she no longer resembles her old self. Khloe has become curvier and has a larger butt. 

She appears to be happier in her new body and is always wearing clothes that flatter her figure.

We are happy if she is happy.

Ini Edo

Nollywood actress Ini Edo has joined the ranks of celebrities who have had their bodies altered.

Ini Edo was dragged after posting a picture of herself in 2019 and was accused of having plastic surgery. Many speculated that she was a result of a botched procedure.

With time, Ini Edo, was able to correct the unrealistic appearance of her waist. There are rumors that she had liposuction and breast augmentation.

Even though the famous actress has never come out publicly, to confirm whether she has had plastic surgery or not, many of her fans believe that she has.

They claim that her body isn't the same as it was in the various Nollywood films she appeared in, back in the day.

Ini is still a melanin queen with or without the surgery.

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