Celebrities With The Finest Clap Backs

Don’t joke around with them

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Celebrities With The Finest Clap Backs
Celebrities, like everyone else, are human, and they get angry. When fans ruffle celebs' feathers in the wrong way, they may decide to retaliate, or they may simply be having a bad day. However, some celebrities are known to be mean to their fans for no apparent reason, and they are resented for it.

Naijalebrity has combined a list of celebrities who are mean to their fans. 

Rukky Sanda

Famous actress Rukky Sanda is known for having major clap backs. If you try her be ready to face the music.

Rukky does not spare anyone even her own fans. She gets rude when fans criticize Nollywood movies to the extent of even cursing them off and calling them F*ck dumb a**.

Even when it comes to her choice of dressing Rukky does not care what anyone has to say. She is very daring and does not have time for negativity.

Rukky who is also a film director and producer is not the one to play with. It always goes wrong once you decide to fight someone who is opinionated.

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We all love musician Wizkid, so it's surprising when someone says they don't. This star, on the other hand, can be rude at times.

He once called a fan a broke nig*r. Okay, we understand he's wealthy but is it necessary to argue with a fan and insult him? Perhaps the musician felt the fan had gone too far.

Musicians are rich, and their go-to phrase whenever they interact with a fan and it goes wrong is calling them broke.  When he called the fan broke, one could sense the pride and confidence in his tone.

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Eldee Tha Don

Retired Nigerian-American rapper and musician Eldee is always ready to fight with his fans. He is not afraid of exchanging a few insults with his supporters.

He is popularly known for the songs Big Boy and Undeniable.

Eldee Tha Don is known to flaunt his assets on social media and some of his fans do not agree with his style of announcing everything he has purchased.

As humans, it is natural for some of us to want to announce the purchase of something we never imagined we would own. That might be the case with Eldee.

Tonto Dikeh

Tonto Dikeh, a talented and well-known actress, is a fiery and opinionated woman. She can come across as rude and arrogant at times.

She always tells it like it is and doesn't waste time waffling on the subject. If something bothers her, she will definitely express her feelings about it.

Tonto is one of the celebrities who has undergone surgery and is not afraid to admit it. She even posted a video of herself in the operating room.

Her self-assurance is at an all-time high.

Linda Ikeji

One time a fan decided to try blogger Linda Ikeji and told her that all the bags she posts on social media are fake.

Well Linda, responded to the fan saying that she is too rich to buy fake bags. She later proceeded to post 20 photos of her new bag.

Guess Linda had the last laugh on this one. 


Musician and crooner Tekno is famously known for the hit song Holiday that featured vocals from Davido. The song received massive airplay on the radio put his name on the map in the country. 

Tekno is always ready to defend his woman from social media trolls. One of his supporters decided to highlight that his girlfriend is too old and might just be old enough to be his mother.

That did not go so well as Tekno came back with a serious clap back and insinuated that the troll was old enough to be his girl’s father and was wondering what he was doing on Instagram. 

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