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E Money
How much belief does one need t have to include the name "Money" in his stage name? Well, just soo much. 

Because of his opulent lifestyle, Emeka Okonkwo is well-known under the stage name "E-MONEY," also known as "Arab Money." He is a young millionaire from Nigeria who made his money in many industries. Owning Emmy Cargoes Nigeria Limited, formerly known as Borisa Nigeria Limited, he is involved in the oil and gas industry (a shipping company).

He runs a diverse line of enterprises abroad and is the CEO of Five Star Music. One of Nigeria's most prominent businesspeople, E-money, is the CEO of Five Star Music and Emmy Cargoes Limited.

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E Money's Net Worth

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According to, E-money has a net worth of 30 million dollars or more than 11.6 billion Naira in Nigerian currency. This is hardly shocking, given his portfolio of investments. He is the founder and CEO of Five Star Music House, which has signed prominent musicians, including Skibi and Harry Song, and his older brother Kcee.

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E Money's sources of income


There have been rumours that E-money owns several other international business chains. Some are run by his wife, other business partners, and staff. He is one of the top industry leaders in the import and export sector and generates significant cash flow. In addition, he now has a comprehensive financial strategy that may enable him to grow his business empire.

His business is doing well, and there are no immediate signs that it will suffer from a decline.

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Oil and Gas

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Besides, he digs oil and gas. Five Star Oil and Gas is the name of his business. Although it is still in its early phases, the company is reportedly expanding quickly. People like Don Jazzy of Mavin Records own an oil company named Mavin Energy, which is run by his brother, Jay Mavin, even though his label is not the first to invest in the oil and gas sector.

Despite the competition, Five Star Oil and Gas has potential and could soon be on par with other major players.

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Luxurious LifeStyle

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E-money, often known as Arab money, is the only man who truly understands how to lead a showy, opulent lifestyle.

His fleet of cars consists of several high-end models, G-Wagons, Range Rover Sports, various classes of BMWs, Jaguars, Prado Jeeps, and many others. For his birthday in 2016, he gave his brother Kcee a Mercedes Benz G Wagon valued at N22 million.

Over N200 million is the value of his five-star mansion. His residence is elegant—gold-plated furniture and opulent condos—and everything you could want. Additionally, his home has a cutting-edge indoor gym.

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