DJ Cuppy Flaunts Her Father's Monaco Mansion

That's one way to unwind

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Dj Cuppy has been studying for a Master’s degree in the United Kingdom. And as glamorous as that may sound, it also comes with its own immense pressure – it is a whole uni course, after all. 

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But unlike the rest of us who curl up and cry when the pressure mounts, DJ Cuppy gets to pack up and fly to her father’s mansion in Monaco to relax. 

The dj recently shared pictures and videos of herself in Monaco. She said her uni thesis has been stressing her out, so she spoke to her father, billionaire businessman Femi Otedola, and said she would be much more productive at their lavish home. 

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It is the photos and the views of the location that have us all up in our feelings. I mean, the property has a gorgeous background, with hills in the background and a skyline that would make us all jealous. Then there is the gorgeous pool and other recreational activities. 

And did we mention that they have a private chef at the home? No? Well, they do. And he is making her such mouthwatering and Instagram worthy selections for every meal, and we can only help but weep in jealousy. As she shared, he made her a vast selection and termed it a “light lunch”, which is not only laughable but also heartbreaking – in the best way possible. 

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This is clearly a very sudden change of heart for the dj, seeing as just a few days ago, she spoke up about the fact that she sometimes feels guilty about the life she is able to live because her father is stinking rich. 

She shared a photo of herself with a classmate of hers, with whom she has now become friends. According to her, the friend has had to move mountains to get himself to Oxford University, and his resilience and hard work has been a testimony of his determination and drive. 

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Cuppy said that people like that sometimes make her feel some type of way about the fact that she did not have to work as hard because money opened some doors to her, yet they ended up in the same place. 

She seemed to really be thinking about it, and said that she is often hard on herself because of this, possibly hoping that if she is hard enough on herself she will feel like she is good enough to have those opportunities and it is not only because her dad is rich. 

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But nobody said that having a little bit of imposter syndrome means that she should stop enjoying the money, right? Both things can be true at the same time – she can be hard on herself, but wearing Fendi. I mean, why cry in a tiny, cheaply furnished university hostel, when you could cry on a yacht in Monaco? 

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