Do You Have Any Clue About Where Rema's House Is Located?

So young yet so rich

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Some people rose to instant fame for something creative they did online and attracted millions of fans. Others (mostly politicians) took a lot of time to slowly engrave their names in the hearts of their fans.

Well, Rema’s case was not far from the first group. Not many people had heard of Rema before former US President Barrack Obama released his 2019 summer playlist which featured his hit song “Iron Man”.

Not only did his streams increase across all platforms, but he also gained international fame, with audiences from the United States and Europe joining in line to listen to the youngster.

He did not stop there, as in early 2022, Rema got fans from all across the globe dancing to his tune “ Calm down”, revellers from all over the world know at least a verse or two from the song.

His quick success has seen him make incredible progress financially and questions like, where is Rema’s house? Which car does Rema drive? And his net worth among others have filled the lips of many.

So here’s a look at some of Rema’s wealth.

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Rema’s house

At the age of 19, Divine Ikubor, better known by his professional moniker, Rema’s, life changed for the better. The recording artist had been making and releasing music but finally got his big break when he wrote his first hit song.

The star seems to have a very good PR and management team as ever since he rose to his rather instant fame, Rema’s house has been a mystery.

No one knows where he stays, apart from those closest to him, he never posts his house on social media nor speaks about it.

We, however, know that he resides in one of Nigeria’s lush suburbs and when he is on tour, gracing stages around the world, Rema stays in five-star hotels.

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Rema’s cars

Like any other young man, Rema’s impressive net worth has seen him acquire some of the best cars in the market. If you meet him by the road, you will mistake him for an English Premier League player.

He moves around in posh machines and some of Rema’s cars include the following:

BMW 'Beamer' M4

As one of the hottest artists currently topping the charts, Rema has secured himself a few really lucrative endorsement deals. One of these deals include a lifetime membership with the German manufacturer BMW. Rema is a certified member of the “Beame Gang” in Nigeria.

This was after world-renowned motorcycles and car manufacturers gifted Rema the BMW M4 as a token of appreciation for the work he is doing within the music industry.

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Sometimes luck plays a very big role in every person’s success. In October 2019, when Rema won the next rated award, organisers of the event gifted him a brand new GAC SUV.

Lexus 350

Lastly on the list of Rema’s cars is the Lexus 350. This is the first machine that the superstar actually bought with his earnings. In 2017, 17-year-old Rema bought his mother the 2010 Lexus 350.

The move elicited a lot of mixed reactions from fans online who did not understand how the young man could afford the car.

On the other hand, others did not care about his source of money, however, went ahead to congratulate the young man. Many applauded him for remembering his mom in her time of need.

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Rema’s Net Worth

As one of the youngest artists in the country, the 21-year-old musician has made quite a fortune for himself. 

Although he might not be the most successful or even among the richest musicians in Nigeria, Rema has been able to accumulate a net worth of $1million from his music streams and endorsements. That is the equivalent of 418 million Naira.

The rise of afrobeats has come at such an opportune time and the musician is definitely making the most of it and riding that wave very well. With his considerably fat bank account, the musician has managed to establish a very comfortable life for himself. 

Rema’s house, cars and lifestyle are all a testament to his hard work and determination as an artist. The star is on an upward trajectory as far as his career is concerned and we can’t wait to hear more from him.

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