Emma Labista Calls Out Other Celebrities

Asks Them To Stop Smoking On Social Media

By  | Jan 27, 2021, 08:50 PM  | Emma Ehumadu  | Top of The

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Emma Ehumadu, known as Labista in entertainment circles recently called out some Nigerian entertainers for smoking and using drugs in public.

The actor made a video to bemoan the loss of values on social media by celebrities, who in his opinion should be role models to the youth in the country.

In the video he said: 
‘If you look around this country, we celebrities would know it’s time to change our ways. There are certain things we are doing on this social media that will not augur well for the youths of this country. The truth is that the youths are all going astray and as role models, we need to set good examples to them. This trend of smoking igbo on Instagram, on social media, everybody smokes, but putting it on the front line, making youths to believe that this is the way forward, omo, these kids are copying everything we do. Davido, Wizkid, Burna boy, Zubby Micheal, Bella Shmurda, and so many other celebrities.
You are showcasing igbo like it’s the best thing to smoke. Nit everybody can handle smoking, so some will smoke and before you know it, they’re going astray, doing wrong things, presenting yourself in a bad light. The youths just copy blindly, they do not realize that drugs are for rich people. Some of you will smoke and go astray, mental, go loco. Let us change our ways. These people are copying our every step. Look at the case of the students that Amotekun went to arrest in secondary school because they claimed to be Marlians, they were imitating Naira Marley. Come on, let us show positive energy. It’s not only to smoke and take drugs all over social media, it doesn’t make sense. Let us check it’. 

Emma became famous when he played the lead role in the blockbuster movie of the 90s, Labista. He acted alongside his friend, late actor Ernest Asuzu. For his role in Labista, he won the award for best actor in a leading role at the Africa Movie Academy Awards, and Ernest Asuzu was awarded best actor in the supporting role category.

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Following the death of his colleague, Emma penned a touching note on his Instagram to share the story of how they met

A tribute to a fallen hero
We met on the set of NEK VIDEOS .. RITUALS AUDITION When there was no GSM or SOCIO MEDIA... We had likings for ourselves and our doings and instantly connected... became best of friends...attended so many auditions together and featured in movies together... He, in particular, was widely loved in the industry and was most Producers first choice actor, especially in the campus movies. We toiled the streets of Lagos...jumping from one set to another ranging from Zeb Ejiro to Chico Ejiro to Teco Benson to Andy Amenechi just to mention a few. We struggled our way to the top of our game. We even ventured into music and had a musical group called "THE JEWS". alongside Digidi Dunhill, mentored by Tony One Week. Top of our game was when I featured him and Leo Mezie in my BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE: "LABISTA", we changed the face of Action Movies in Nollywood in 2004. Years later he was struck with stroke and a complication of mental and spiritual problems. All hands were on deck to save him. ever since then, my friend never became the same again. He struggled and struggled. A true Warrior that never smoked nor drank any form of alcohol. At a point, he was abandoned by friends, colleagues, the society at large, left to carry his cross despite all the quality entertainment he chunked out to his fans. Today, my friend, My brother... ERNEST " EL CREAM" ASUZU IS DEAD!!! . With absolutely nothing to show for or lived for. I AM BROKEN💔💔💔

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