Erica’s Fanbase Trademark Her Name

They Don’t Want Anyone Else To Be Known As Star Girl

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Fans and devotees of Media personality, Erica called The Elites trademarked her nickname: ‘Star Girl’.
The trademark now becomes more than just a name, but a legal representation for her. She broke the news on her Twitter: ‘Elites did it! STAR GIRL has been trademarked!’

Presently regarded as one of the breakout celebrities of 2020, Erica Nlewedim was an actress who wanted to reach greater heights of success in her career when she joined the big brother house. Along with 19 other people she came on the screens, did her time, and left when she got disqualified from the show.
The reality show star has enjoyed continuous support from her fan base since she departed from the BB Naija show. As with her predecessor Tacha, who was previously disqualified, though she received backlash for her conduct on the show, she took it in stride, tendered her apologies and has not looked back since then.

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Erica’s fans have been known to be everywhere on social media; they keep her name trending and give credibility to her brand. Her Elites opened a GoFundMe and raised over 10million naira for her, as they considered her their winner. Her deals with brands and companies have also turned out to be huge successes because her supporters love the product just for being associated with her.

How much more could they do, you wonder?
Fans have named their children after her; musicians have released songs in her name, beach parties have been organised for people who like her, and her friends have received gifts because they love her. 

She has a song dedicated to the Elites, called the Elites Anthem. Also, upcoming artiste Eyecan released a song ‘Are you fine like Erica, which has amassed over 6,000 views on youtube since its release 4 weeks ago. Her fans created a fan page and website for her, approved by her management.

It appears she is more of a movement than a celebrity. In return, the Star Girl has kept them engaged by interacting like a regular person, which seems to be fuelling the fire of their love.

So, what does this trademark mean?
The registration of a trademark gives the owner exclusive right to the trademark ( In this case, STAR GIRL) in respect of particular goods or classes of goods to which it was registered. Such a right is deemed to be infringed by any other person who uses the mark or any other mark which is identical to the mark and is likely to deceive or confuse the public in the course of trade in relation to any goods in respect of which the mark was registered.

In a nutshell, trademarks protect the use of a company's name and its product names, brand identity (like logos) and slogans, and Erica has protected hers.

This act of trademarking names is not new in other parts of the world. Celebrities like Rihanna, Justin Bieber, Beyonce, Victoria Beckham have trademarked their names as a representation of their brand.

If you have considered yourself a star girl before this, all hope is not lost, you still are. You just can't use it for any business, or you'll be the one paying.

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