Here Are Details You May Have Missed About Bobrisky's Surgery

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Despite the fact that it is highly unlikely that you knew about this, one thing that you know for sure is that information about Bobrisky’s surgery is out there.

We all know that the cross-dresser has made significant changes to his body through plastic surgery.

Take a look at Bobrisky’s surgeries.

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Who is Bobrisky?

(Image | Instagram)
Bobrisky has been met with conflicting reactions, since she has a large number of supporters and detractors. Certain event planners have asked her to speak at their gatherings. 

However, on one memorable occasion, a Nigerian presidential aide walked out of a mansion after spotting Bobrisky inside. In 2019, Nigeria's National Council for Arts and Culture Director General, Otunba Olusegun Runsewe, labeled Bobrisky a "national disgrace" who would be "ruthlessly dealt with" if spotted on the streets.

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Bobrisky’s Surgery

(Image | Instagram)
At the beginning of June 2021, the LGBT personality announced through his Instagram account that he had undergone plastic surgery to enhance her butt.

This surgery took place in the Dominican Republic.

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Bobrisky Surgery pain 

Following his procedure, the Cross-dresser confessed that he is in tremendous pain.

Bobrisky said that the procedure is unpleasant, and he warned others not to be cheated.

He wrote, “Anything that concerns liposuction I don commot my hand for there. The pain na die and some of you girls are going two times. Haa make una fear God.

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(Image | Instagram)
“All my back is still paining me. I hope my own lipo is going through same process like yours because I’m not understanding.

Bobrisky revealed that once the anaesthetic wore off, he was on the verge of passing out, and that the anesthesia is administered into the spinal cord to relieve pain.

“The moment the anesthesia wore out from my body after the surgery I nearly died. The whole hospital no sleep, even pain killer no reach me. I don commot my hand for anything called lipo. I never wan die now.

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“See listen if you do lipo you will be off social media for like one month because you have to take care of yourself to avoid infection and all.

“Do you know where they will inject the anesthesia? Inside your spinal cord. My spinal cord still hurts so bad till now. Nobody should hurry me to post please. I need to be okay first,” he wrote in his Snapchat.

For the ultra-conservative Nigerian standards, she became known as being immensely contentious on social media. Bobrisky was able to drive traffic to her Snapchat account by claiming to have a partner who is presumed to be of masculine gender, this was despite Nigerian legislation prohibiting same-sex relationships and punishing offenders with 14 years in prison.

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