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Image of Pete Edochie’s children
Since Pete Edochie is an icon in the film industry, his children became public figures even though not all of them are in the limelight. Pete has sired six children with his wife of 53 years, Josephine Edochie, a lawyer and TV presenter.

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Leo Edochie

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The first of Pete Edochie’s children is his name sake, Pete Edochie who is often referred to as his carbon copy. . As the eldest son, Pete is the CEO of Solotone Global Ventures Limited, a company that specializes in Electrical, ventilating, Mechanical, HVAC & Construction and procurement of specialized goods in the oil and gas industry. Leo is an engineering graduate from the University of Nigeria Nsukka and is married with children.

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Uche Edochie

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Uche is the second son of the family. Born in 1975, he found his passion in artwork and is a post-war and modern painter. The entrepreneur also does photography and interior design. He has been married to his wife Nkechi Nwosu-Igbo for 16 years with three children. His artwork has been sold at several auctions. Some of his famous pieces are Rumblings of the Unconscious, Memory fades and Life Lessons for Our Children.

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Lincoln Edochie

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Linc Edochie is Pete’s third son. He inherited his father’s creative genes. Linc is an actor, director, scriptwriter and businessman. He is also a fitness enthusiast, motivational speaker and Master of ceremony. Linc is a family man and has an estimated net worth of $1 million.

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Gene Edochie

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Gene is Pete Edochie’s fourth son. Little is known about him except that he is a trained architect and CEO of Space Calibre, an interior design company. Gene is also a photographer and family man.

Pete’s daughter

Pete Edochie’s fifth child is his only daughter. Not even her name is known to the public. Nobody knew that Pete had a daughter until she was seen in a family portrait.

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Yul Edochie

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Yul Chibuike Edochie is the most prominent of Pete Edochie’s children since he took after his father’s footsteps and successfully ventured into acting in and producing Nollywood movies. Born in 1982, Yul is the last born of the house. He is also a politician, movie director and businessman. 

He is conveniently named after Yul Brynner, lead character from ‘The King and I’, a 1950’s classic. Yul made his debut in the acting industry with the movie The Exquires in 2005. He later got his breakthrough in 2007 starring in Wind of Glory alongside Desmond Elliot. After this there was no stopping him. He went on to star in numerous movies such as Kiss My Pain, My Loving Heart, Tears of Hope, Unstoppable and The End is Near, just to mention a few. 

His prominence and acting skills have seen him win several awards including City People Entertainment Award (English) for best new actor in 2009 and Best Actor of the Year Award in 2013. He is also the CEO of Yul Edochie Academy, a film production company in Lagos that has put out several notable movies. He is very active on social media with over 1 million followers. Yul is married with four children.

Pete has quite the huge family and it is very heartening to see all six of them now grown up, prospering and making the veteran actor proud. 

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