I Feel Sorry For Female Bankers: Ese Eriata

She Advises Them To Learn A Handwork

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Media personality Ese Eriata went on her Snapchat to give her opinion about the newspaper article that was circulating the internet a few days ago. The Punch newspaper reported that a senator expressed his concerns about the way banks turned female marketers into sexual slaves.

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The senator, Ayo Akinyelure sponsored a bill called the Prohibition of Casualisation Bill 2020, which stopped employers from engaging employable Nigerian graduates as casual workers.

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Part of his speech read:
‘In the banking and insurance industry, for instance, many young graduates particularly females are employed as marketers and given unrealistic customer deposits targets running into millions. They are hired and fired at will when such unrealistic targets are not met.
The female among them who are desperate to keep their jobs turn to harlotry and sex slavery. They move from one office to the other looking for invisible customers who have large funds to enable them to meet their targets, it is high time this evil and devilish act is stopped’.

She posted a screenshot of the article and wrote:
‘I honestly always feel sorry for female bankers when I see them.
I often advise them to go and learn handwork and be their own boss. Imagine earning 150k wake up every day to go to work, you barely have time for yourself.
Your boss will stress you, customers that are not yours will stress you and insult you like you are the owner of the bank, some customers will stress you because they have an account
When nail technicians, fashion designers, barbers, traders, caters/chefs, self-employment cleaners, mechanic, gym instructors, etc they earn more than 50k per week, and they are happy working even if it’s stressful.
I've never been a fan of working under someone, I knew from the moment I did my i.t you can’t get the best out of me if you are not polite, and you can’t boss me around when I’m not objecting.
You being a boss doesn’t mean you have to shout like an animal or order people around because you pay them a salary. Or staffs getting scared when you arrive at work because you are a stupid bully who acts like you don’t take rubbish.

Especially in the bank, the ones who have their office inside the bank always feel like God, and the way they call a staff to come to their office ‘in my office now’ when you can actually say ‘please I need your attention in my office immediately’
Giving target that if they give you, you won’t meet up, putting people’s children under pressure and pay them crap’.

Ese competed in the popular reality show Gulder Ultimate Search Season 11 and participated in the second season of Big Brother Naija against housemates like Bisola and Uriel. 

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She was introduced halfway into the show along Jon Ogah to spice things up, a tradition that was kept through the third and fourth season of the show.

She is an entertainer and entrepreneur with a couple of businesses in Lagos Nigeria.

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