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Jowi Zaza
The heir to a $1 billion oil company is a young, low-key Nigerian billionaire named Joseph Ezeokafor, also known as Jowizaza. Only a select number of you may have heard him, but we are providing you with facts about the biography of the daring and extravagant lifestyle of young billionaire Jowizaza for the benefit of the vast majority.

Jowi zaza, also known as Joseph Eze Okafor, was born on March 19, 1985, making him 36 years old in 2021. He attended Madonna University Okija for his undergraduate studies before moving on to Sacred Heart Seminary Nsude in Enugu State for his secondary education.

He then completed his post-graduate work at The Coventry University London in the United Kingdom before attending Kelce College of Business at Pittsburg State University.

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Jowi Zaza's Cars

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To commemorate turning 34 in 2019, he spent N115 million on a Lamborghini Aventador.

As a birthday present for his father, Joseph Eze Okafor, Jowi Zaza also bought him a N280 million Rolls Royce Cullinan in the previous year (Snr.).

His collection of cars include;

  • Bentley Continental Gt (N78million).
  • Brabus G wagon.
  • Mercedes Benz 4matic (N15million.
  • Rolls Royce Phantom and many others.

Jowi Zaza occasionally goes to upscale gatherings and parties. He has recently been seen with Nigerian popular figures and celebrities like Cubana Chief Priest, Obi Cubana, Escoba Smith, and E-Money.

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The least of your concerns when you are born with everything you need is getting an education since you know you will be prepared for life no matter what. For one Jowl Zaza, this was not the situation. He went to the most demanding schools in Nigeria to learn discipline and the value of hard work.

He eventually received good scores as a result of this type of study, which gave him the opportunity to enroll in London's highly sought-after Coventry University. Here, he perfected and solidified his business knowledge.

You would expect him to be his father's apprentice because he is the millionaire businessman's son, but it goes without saying that in this constantly evolving world, apprenticeship is insufficient.

His father taught him the value of working hard and building wealth, but his further education allowed him to become more aware of the unspoken, silent laws of business. He joined his father in managing Jezco oil, the company that brings in all of their staggering income, after finishing his studies.

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Joseph Eze Okafor: The father of Jowi Zaza and the creator of Jezco Oil, Joseph Eze Okafor Snr., is a business tycoon from Anambra.

Jowizaza, a businesswoman and socialite from Nigeria, is descended from Chief Joseph EzeOkafor Snr, the original owner of Jezco Oil.

Mitsubishi Motors has previously presented Jezco Oil Nigeria Limited with a commendation for their Jezco Rosy special lubricants. He allegedly owns a facility that produces fuel dispensers.
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Currently, Chief Joseph Okafor is worth $2 billion. He has two boys and five daughters, which is a blessing. The new Managing Director of Jezco Oil, Jowizazaa, is the replacement for the previous leader.

In the 1970s, his father established the well-known oil and gas company Jezco Oil and Jezco Lubricants. Currently, the business runs gas stations and shops all around the nation.

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