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Mark Angel’s Net Worth
Mark Angel, a Nigerian comedian, scriptwriter, and video producer, was born on May 27, 1991. He is best known for his YouTube short film series Mark Angel Comedy, which frequently features child comedians such as his cousin, Emmanuella Samuel (age 12), his niece, and her cousin "Aunty" Success Madubuike (age 8). 

Mark Angel’s net worth

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The well-known YouTube comedian has undoubtedly established himself in the Nigerian comedy industry. He currently has a net worth of $1.25 million, which he earned primarily through his comedy series, followed by YouTubing scriptwriting video production, and other endeavors. His impressive net worth has placed him among the country's wealthiest comedians.

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Other Sources of Mark Angel's Net Worth

Mark Angel makes a lot of money on YouTube, and he is very consistent about uploading skits to his official YouTube channel. Mark Angel's YouTube channel was the first in Africa to reach one million subscribers. 

With over 8 million subscribers, Mark Angel is currently one of the top ten most followed Nigerian YouTubers. 

His YouTube channel has over 60 million views, which he reportedly earns $16,000 per month, and the number is growing by the day.

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Mark Angel, in addition to being a talented comedian, is also a scriptwriter. He writes comedy scripts for authors who will pay him. According to records, an experienced scriptwriter in Nigeria earns between N80.000 and N500,000 per screenplay. This could be considered another substantial contribution to his income.

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You may not be aware, but Mark Angel is one of Nigeria's highest paid and most sought-after comedians. Mark's fees rise as his fame and popularity in the comedy industry grow. 

However, he does not specify how much he charges to perform in a show. But we do know that he has established himself as a successful comedian in Nigeria. In 2019. Mark Angel Comedy gave a concert in Uganda.

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Endorsement Contracts 

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Mark Angel began to bag mouthwatering deals with top brands looking for ways to promote their brands after he was thrust into the spotlight, from which he earns a significant amount of money. Fresh Yo, Dabor toothpaste, and Si tea have all signed endorsement deals with the internationally acclaimed comedian.

In 2021, he signed an ambassadorial contract with Beta, a popular online gambling company, along with Menta Music, 1xBet, and others. Although we cannot say how much they earn from these transactions, we do know that they are in the millions of naira.

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Social Media Presence

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On all of his social media platforms, Mark Angel has millions of followers. His social media following has grown dramatically over the years as a result of his recognition both within and outside of the country. He has over 20 million Facebook fans and 1.6 million Instagram followers on his official page. He has over a million YouTube subscribers and 942k Twitter followers. 

It is sufficient to say that Mark Angel's success did not occur overnight, but rather through hard work. 

Mark Angel's Cars and Houses

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Despite his efforts to keep his personal life out of the spotlight, Mark Angel has been spotted with a couple of cars. His garage contains the following collections: 

Mercedes Benz

The comedian posted a photo of himself posing beside a Mercedes Benz. As predicted. 

Fans began to send him congratulatory messages, and some even went so far as to hype the car. In response to their messages, Mark Angel wrote that he hopes the car will get him a well-paying job because people are hyping it, or else he will have a serious fight with the person who started the hype. 

According to the comedian, he literally spent all of his savings to buy the car because people told him that if he didn't drive a Benz, clients would think he wasn't worth a good salary, so he had to make the purchase to measure up to the standard he wants to be in. Despite the fact that this sounds more like one of his comedies, it is clear that he has a Mercedes Benz in his garage. 

Jeep Wrangler

In 2021, Mark posted a photo of himself in a Jeep Wrangler with the caption: "Now that God has blessed him, he can walk into where rich men park their cars and take photos with them." Despite the suggestive caption, he did not explicitly state that he bought the car. 
Toyota Landcruiser Prado

Mark Angel clearly enjoys luxury vehicles, as evidenced by his Toyota Landcruiser Prado. The car that has found a home in the comedian's garage features a more modern design, a luxurious interior, and updated technology. It has a 5.7-liter V-8 engine with an eight-speed automatic transmission that produces 381 horsepower and 401 pound-feet of torque. 
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