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The revealed life of the goddess Moji

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The goddess actress has been in the industry for decades and this is how her Bibliography goes for you

Moji Olaiya was an actress who has been in the industry for decades and sadly pass on due to a cardiac arrest. But her legacy sit to be celebrated forever. 

Moji started acting in movies at a pretty late age, and by the time she started, she had an 8 year-old daughter where she was a single parent. But all the hurdles didn't stop the late actress from achieving her wildest dreams The achievements which are not only hers but, a legacy which her children will survive by and cherish it forever. 

Here's how Moji took Nollywood by storm. 

Moji Olaiya Age & Parents

Moji Olaiya was born on the 27th of February in 1975. She is the niece of the one of the most rated musician Victor Olaiya. Moji Olaiya passed on in 2017, due to  cardiac arrest. After 3 years, Victoria, who is the uncle of Moja passed on at the age of 90. 

The actress was survived by her siblings and her elderly mother mother and two daughters. Her elderly mother, Mrs. Abosede Olaiya recently opened up in an interview with Biodun Alao on how she has been coping and taking care of the deceased's daughters. She finds it hard that they are both gone but, believes that God had a plan. 

Moji Olaiya Career & Awards

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Moji Olaiya began her acting career with Wale Adenuga's production, on the film Super Story. She starred in several Nollywood movies from different productions where she had to act in English and Yoruba.

Since 2003, Moji was collecting awards and getting nominated throughout, she was nominated for the Reel Award Best Supporting Actress of the Year, and she won the Best New Actress award, which was quite a milestone. And built a solid portfolio, and it later on showed when directors started calling her for their upcoming movies and projects.

Moji had a career breaking when she banged a leading role for No Pains No Gains, in which she played Ireti. In 2005, the actress had herself another role on the drama movie, Sade Blade.

In 2008, she had yet another role for Nkan adun and Omo iya meta leyi, which was released in 2008.  She also starred in the Agunbaniro.  The sky wasn't never the limit for Moji — she always aimed high.

In 2016 she released a film, Iya Okomi, starring the most talented, Foluke Daramola and Funsho Adeolu which was scheduled to premiere in Lagos on July. But she didn't live long to see the success that the movie is making now in the film industry.

Moji Olaiya Marriage, Kids & Death

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Moji was married to the businessman, Bayo Okesola in 2007, but later got divorced. Her divorce is said to be through domestic violence which she endured during her marriage.

She has two daughters, Adunoluwa born 18 years ago, one who recently has graduated University and a baby she welcomed in March 17, 2017. This was two months prior to her death.

According to Mrs Keji, on what led to death of Moji, “Her baby was born premature. Her EDD was for May 2017 but complications arose that necessitated that she be induced to save the baby’s life as well as hers. But since the delivery in March, her health had not been exactly perfect." 

She died in the ambulance on her way to the hospital.

She spent so much years in the entertainment industry which has allowed her to set a beautiful milestone for her children. Moji's first born, Adunoluwa Farombi has shown her strong and courageous side with her YouTube channel which is one of fast growing channels.

As she gets older, she accepts death but always writes messages to comfort her, during the anniversary of her mother's passing.

"2 years ago today marks the day since you’ve been gone and I don’t know how I’ve been able to continue without you. You were my backbone. Your passing is still a very sensitive topic for me, anybody that knows me knows that I don’t talk about it. Words can’t explain how much I miss you", - Adunoluwa Farombi

Her death took the Nigerian Entertainment realm by a saddening wave. Some of the people who shared their sentiments upon her death were the Nigerian famous filmmaker, Kunle Afolayan, and Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw, she shared that she was a huge fan of Moji.
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Moji Olaiya Net Worth 

Moji's net worth was a massive $1 million before she passed away. This was through all her contributions as an actress and being featured in quite a number of Nollywood movies and videos which include Apaadi. But as a mother of 2, her net worth is going to be really helpful to the two daughters she left behind. 

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