OAP Osi Suave Shares His Encounter With An RRS Officer

He Was Impressed

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Popular Beats Fm OAP Osikhena Dirisu Anslem - Osi Suave- shared his encounter with an officer of the Rapid Response Squad today on his Twitter page.

He was driving and the officer on a bike crossed to the front of his car and flagged him down. He thought it was for his gold-tinted hair, but found out it was for his missing plate number. The officer helped him fix it back and waved him along to his delight.

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He tweeted:
So RRS police stopped me today Omo no be small thing
So I was heading home from work and that RRS bike just double cross my papa and flagged me down I'm like kilode bayi First thing that came to my mind was my hair colour Its gold by the way So I come down and the policeman was so civil.
Told me he flagged me down cos I didn't have a number plate in front of my car I told him I actually do. It's in my glove box. It fell off last week and I have been forgetting to get someone to screw it back on Then things took a wild turn
Guy walked to his bike and came back with a screwdriver and helped me to screw it back on. Waved me goodbye and went on his way Omo just stood on the side of the road dumbfounded. Shouts to the RRS IN LAGOS MAN AMAZING WORK 

This is showing that there are still dedicated officers, at a time when the citizens of the country are not satisfied with the conduct of the law enforcement officers, regarding the conduct of the police force a few days ago when they arrested harmless protesters at the Lekki Toll Gate.
He also recently tweeted about the true test of morals of a man being the availability of money:

Don't brag about your morals until you have the money to fund your temptations. There are many things hidden in poverty.
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His tweet began a thread of conversations. A follower said: 

'I understand your argument..but this isn't always the case..for some bad morals/habits led them to poverty..others their bad habits are like an addiction they can't shake off e.g womanising, drugs etc'

'And some can’t do it because they don’t have the means yet and they go around thinking it’s because they are morally upright... till they can afford it, they’ll never know'

'A pastor of mine used to say... "The humility of a poor man can never be trusted"
Osi, some people still display their lack of morals in poverty or how do you explain someone who isn’t rich engaging in extramarital affair?'

'So true!! Sometimes I imagine myself having some kind of wealth to do some mean stuff and it scares the shit out of me.'

Osi is known for airing his views on and off the radio.

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In a previous interview, he mentioned that his love for radio started while he was in secondary school. He has worked at Rhythm FM, Benin, Rythmn FM Lagos, and has been at Beat FM for about ten years.

In 2018, he released a book ‘Confessions of a Lagos Bachelor’: a compilation of his experiences in relationships. 

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