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It's unlikely that you are familiar with Stanley Duru, Oge Okoye husband, unless you are a big fan of the Nollywood drama that typically occurs off the set. Nevertheless we want to share his strange experience with you because it is extremely interesting. So buckle yourself in and board this insane rollercoaster with me.

Stanley Duru: Who Is He?

Because he is not well-known outside of his connection to Oge Okoye, very little is known about the man in issue (and someone else, who we are going to mention later). Finding Oge Okoye husband images online is even more difficult because there aren't enough of them floating around. We do know that Duru is a businessman with a base in Amsterdam and is from the Imo State.
She described him as God-fearing, understanding, kind, and caring while he was Oge Okoye's husband. She further said that he was a huge party animal and that they frequently went out to clubs. But, after everything broke down, Okoye asserted that Stanley was mostly a lifelong alcoholic.

How Did He Marry Oge?         

Why did they interact? Was there another person? As we go forward, we will respond to these queries.  About ten years ago, Stanley and Oge met in Amsterdam. You wouldn't expect their initial meeting to be like that. Duru believed Okoye to be a prostitute because of the provocative nature of her clothing when she arrived in Amsterdam to film a movie. While he initially had no interest in her fashion sense and only wanted to make friends with her and "put her straight," Stanley became more intrigued when he learned that Oge was an actress.
Following the completion of the shoot, Duru and a friend approached Okoye and were able to obtain her contact information in order to get to know her better off-set. Following that, he started calling her frequently, and it soon became clear that he was serious about what he was doing. Everything moved along swiftly, and Stanley Duru married Oge Okoye in 2006. They welcomed their first child the same year. In 2011, the world met their second kid after the couple struggled with their marriage. But things just got worse from there.


It is currently difficult to assign responsibility for Stanley and Oge's breakup. It doesn't really matter who cheated on the other first as both are accused of doing so. The majority of reports claim that Okoye betrayed Duru before the birth of their second child, and that Duru responded by betraying Okoye. Stanley dated a woman in Amsterdam during their falling out, and they had a son together. When Duru and Oge reconciled, they welcomed their second child, but it was too late to restore their marriage; they parted ways in 2012.
With the divorce, it could appear that Duru's time in the spotlight is ended. You might be surprised to learn that Stanley's life included a renowned woman before (and after) Oge Okoye.

His involvement with Nkiru Sylvanus 

According to numerous accounts, Duru had a romantic relationship with Nkiru Sylvanus before he met Okoye and wed her. When Oge entered the picture, there were rumors that the two were going together, but it did not work out. Some even claimed that Okoye's ability to become pregnant for the man in question was the precise reason why Duru and Sylvanus' relationship did not succeed. She used to be Nkiru's best friend, but she betrayed her to have her boyfriend, eventually got married to him, and had his child in Amsterdam.
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