Omah Lay Is Laying Doubts To Rest

Thank God He's Godly

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Stanley Omah Didia is not just a singer. He’s an influence.
From generation Z to Millenials, and the generations before them Omah Lay is fast becoming a genre of his own, because how else do we explain this ease with which he glides into the hearts of music lovers?

From that Port Harcourt Boy who was born 24 years ago, raised in Marine Base, to this Afro-fusion legend, whatever doubts anybody had about his talent is surely under lock and key.
Omah Lay started as a rapper with the stage name Lil King while he was a teenager, learnt music production in 2019, and decided it was time to be front and centre. This decision led to his first two singles: Hello Brother and Do Not Disturb. This was how that boy from Marine Base got introduced to Port Harcourt and a chain reaction of good decisions.

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Port Harcourt To Lagos
Owing to the success of the first two singles, Omah Lay caught the eye- and ears of KeyQaad, a record label in Lagos. His family tree seems to have a line of performers: from his grandfather being an instrumentalist to his father being a drummer. Omah Lay is a fruit that did not fall far from the tree.

Lagos to The World
As soon as he landed in Lagos, Omah settled in and set to work on the first body of work that would seal his presence as a force, and in 2020, he laid the bed they way he wanted us to lie on it.

Get Layd.
Don’t think about it too much, but this guy came prepared. The first EP slew everyone. Literally. He did not ask if he could have our attention, he just came and took it. He also took streaming platforms by storm, as his ever-rising ratings have shown.

The songs play like Omah Lay had someone in front of him as he wrote, the believability of his lyrics have made people take a few lines for their personal use
‘if you need a fire I’ll be your lighter… I love, I love you
We love you too

‘you don burst my eyeglass, you don scatter my plans'
‘She go ye ye ye ye ye’… she wasn’t singing coherent songs *lost in thought*
'I look nice but I’m not so so good... I just wan lo-love you'
'She loves me when I’m drunk, she loves me when I’m jobless…'

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Every word Omah Lay has sung has turned to gold. If anyone comes out to say he sleeps in gold dust, we’ll take it, thank you.
His features in DJ Tunez Pami, the slow-mo anthem Infinity with Olamide, to DJ Spinall’s Tonight make it all the more clear that 2020 was a good year for him.

100million Geng
His debut EP hit the 1hundred million streams on AudioMack a short while ago, to his and our delight. We can’t wait to see the first anniversary numbers will be like… 30 billion Ge...
Okay moving on.
After getting all the genders laid, Omah Lay came back a few months after to ask What Have We Done like he’s not the one that we should be asking that question.

What have you done to me o my baby? 

It could be because he is so attuned to himself, his process and music that he sang  Lord,delete them,delete them,delete every virus for my system- a very fitting line in the song, being that we’re still battling the coronavirus. 

We hear the second wave is deadly, but thank God we’re Godly.

I thank God I Godly, say God no ungodly, Oluwa na him comfort me

I wanna tell you my confession, this thing you do me na tormention

And then he brought back Damn from Get Layd with 6slack.

Godly became the second song to top all digital platforms in a week since turntable charts started tracking.
Omah Lay is bringing in the numbers, and the right people are counting.

Omah Lay is a marksman. He keeps us hooked on each song, each EP. His market is one we will continue to buy. We'll also be here if he decides he wants to run for president.

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