Regina Daniels Biography: Age, Mother, Father, Husband, Net Worth

Teen actress Regina Daniels is already a millionaire.

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Regina Daniels is one of Nollywood’s most successful teen stars. 

She has been in front of the camera since the age of six. 

Regina always knew she was going to be a star, and with the help of her mother has built an impressive brand at a young age.

The actress has millions of adoring fans. Her Instagram account alone has over five million followers.

She still has a long way to go before she reaches Genevieve Nnaji, Linda Ikeji and Funke Akindele's level, but she is well on her way to superstardom.  

Here’s a look at Regina Daniels’ biography. 

Where is Regina Daniels from?

Regina Daniels was born in Lagos but grew up in Asaba, Delta State. She has five siblings - three brothers and two sisters. She is the second youngest child in her family. One of her role models growing up was Academy award-winning actress Angelina Jolie. 

“I love her so much. Her determination, her acting skills, she’s so smart and intelligent, above all she is sexy,” Regina said in a video posted on her YouTube page.

When she is not acting, Regina is playing the piano, lawn tennis or swimming.
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Regina Daniels age

Regina Daniels was born on October 10, 2000. Despite still being a teenager, the 18-year-old considers herself to be old at heart. She says she “grew up too fast” and didn’t have the opportunity to explore like other children because she was working as an actress and model. 

“I never had friends. I would always find myself in the midst of adults… I’ve been an adult since birth… That’s why I am passionate about children; that’s why I always want to be around them, to have that feeling of being a child,” she said.
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Regina Daniels movies

Regina Daniels has starred in over 17 movies. She began her acting career when she was just six years old. One of the biggest challenges she faced as a child actor was learning how to cry on cue. 

“I remember when I was on a movie set and they said, ‘oh, Regina you have to cry in this scene’. I couldn’t cry. Why? Because I wasn’t that perfect in acting. The producer called my mother and was like, ‘hello, Rita, come and take your daughter out of this set. She doesn’t know how to how to act, she can’t cry, she can’t remember her lines’," she recalled in a YouTube video.

Regina's mother called her crying and gave her an emotional pep talk, which caused her to start crying!

Regina got the attention of Nollywood audiences with roles in movies such as Miracle Child and Marriage in Sorrow. Some of Regina’s other hit movies include Evil Messenger, Python Girl and Queen Rebecca

Regina has acted alongside big Nollywood stars including Mercy Johnson. She has also produced movies such as The Jericho and Twins Apart.
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Regina Daniels mother

Regina’s mother, Rita Daniels, is the driving force behind her successful career. Rita is also an actress and would take her daughter along to some of her movie sets. Regina's mother helped build her brand by pushing her whenever she felt like giving up. Regina said her mother went out of her way to make sure she was in the limelight.

“I have always had the dream to become a celebrity; to be someone that the world would appreciate [and] recognise. So, I would always put in so much effort.  I would work day and night to make sure I get there,” she said on Regina Daniels TV.

Rita is currently the chairman of the Actors Guild of Nigeria (AGN) in Delta State. She is also a movie producer and businesswoman.
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Who is Regina Daniels father?

Regina Daniels' parents are believed to have separated when she was a child. She never talks about her father. A man named Jude Ojeogwu claimed he is her biological father in a May 2019 Facebook post. He reiterated the claims in several interviews. The barrister claimed the actress and some of her siblings have visited him at his home in Lagos. 

Shortly after Jude spoke out about his paternity, Regina took to her Instagram Stories with a message of her own.

“Every D*ck and Harry claiming to be my father that is if I have one. Yo! I know who my father is!" she wrote.

Jude is adamant he is her father, but Regina seems to want nothing to do with the man.

Regina daniel Ojeogwu is my biological daughter.What ever is ongoing is not to my knowledge and without my consent.The...

Posted by Jude Ojeogwu on Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Is Regina Daniels married?

Regina Daniels married billionaire Ned Nwoko in a traditional ceremony in May 2019. The ceremony took place at Anioma, Delta state.

Their wedding was criticised by some, including the man claiming to be her biological father, as Ned was 58 at the time - making him 40 years older than Regina. Some reports claim Ned is 62. 

Regina confirmed her relationship status in a “Questions Tag” video on YouTube in June. It was the first time the actress publicly mentioned she was a married woman. Regina also showed off her diamond ring. She shared a picture of Ned on Instagram for the first time in June. 

Regina is allegedly Ned’s sixth wife.
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Regina Daniels husband

Regina Daniels' husband Ned Nwoko is reportedly royalty. He was born Prince Ned Munir Nwoko and is a member of the Idumuje-Ungboko Royal family. Ned made a name for himself as a politician and businessman.

Regina was spotted on vacation in Ghana with three of Ned’s children. She often shares pictures of her step kids on Instagram.
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Regina Daniels net worth

Regina Daniels’ exact net worth is unknown. She reportedly earns around ₦500 000 per movie. Some reports suggest Regina's net worth is between ₦126 million and ₦360 million. Her lifestyle has changed quite significantly since marrying billionaire Ned Nwoko. She regularly travels in a private plane and drives several luxury vehicles, including a Lexus RX 330, a Ferrari and a Mercedes Benz.
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