Simi Speaks Up On Her Addiction

We all struggle with something

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Celebrities always tend to look like they have their lives all put together and perfect, even though that may not always be the case. And Simi has let us know, even the rich and famous have their own struggles, as Simi has shared her addiction with her fans.

The singer recently took to her Instagram stories to confess that she struggles with an ice cream addiction. And before you laugh it off as tiny and trivial, consider that she said it is a very real struggle. 

I mean, can you imagine being on a diet for your health but you somehow cannot resist as ice cream calls out to you by your full government name? It must be rough, and we hope Simi is coping well because once the pounds are on, taking them back off becomes a full time struggle. 

The singer recently announced that she will be releasing an album soon. The album, titled To Be Honest, is set to drop on the third of June this year, and her fan base is pretty excited for the launch. In fact, the general feeling has been that it is too far away, and the fans cannot help but wish it were being released sooner. 

In her announcement, she explained what the album is going to be about. She explained that for about three years now, she has been yearning to be open and honest, to open up and tell her story the way she wants it to be told. 

But the distractions kept coming up. One minute she was ready to speak, and then she was a new mother, so the time was not right. Then she felt it was time again, but she got hit with too many outside voices, each trying to make an impact on the story, to the point that it clouded her clarity, and it stopped feeling like it was her authentic voice speaking. 

But she finally got ready, and got to sit down and tell her story the way she wants it to be told, and it will be raw and honest, hence the album title. Just from the writeup she made about the album, we can already tell that it is going to move us deeply and be a masterpiece, and you can immediately see that the artist has a special way with words. 

She also recently spoke out about how growing older has opened her eyes a bit more to how she would live her life going forward. She said that she realised, much to her relief, that she does not have to explain herself to anybody. 

In light of this, she is not going to be doing it anymore. And we love to see her taking charge of her life in such a big way because with the internet, you can never be too comfortable with strangers.

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