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Actor in Nollywood Stan Nze has explained why he chose to wed Blessing Obasi, a colleague who is ten years older than him. He added that he opted to start a family with his wife because she offers him calm and because they have such a strong bond and wonderful chemistry. On September 11th in Lagos, the couple exchanged vows, and they are now ready to fully enjoy married life.

Stan Nze Marriage and Wife

In a recent interview with BBC Pidgin, the actor discussed his marriage in detail. He claims that his wife is his greatest friend and that she possesses all the qualities he would want in the woman of his dreams. Several fans were surprised to see the 32-year-old actor get married to a woman who was ten years older than him, which is typical of Nigerian society given the dominance of African culture. While fans flocked to the comment area to express their opinions, the marriage elicited a range of responses.

One Year Anniversary

Nollywood actor Stan Nze and his wife Blessing Jessica Obasi recently commemorated their first wedding anniversary. To commemorate the event, the couple wrote loving notes to one another on their respective Instagram pages. Nze referred to his marriage to Obasi as the "greatest decision of my life" in the post, which was accompanied by a video of their wedding ceremony. "I handcrafted this bow precisely a year ago today. The best choice I've ever made. To us, baby, a happy anniversary! he wrote.
The actor expressed his happiness to be "doing life with her" in another post. "You made a year seem like a day, literally. It is even more obvious that I want to spend my entire life with you. Queen of the Nzerian Kingdom and Lolo. I love having you at my side in this life. The actress and producer was grateful to her spouse for honoring his commitments and given her "the finest year of her left yet," in her words.

She added that she still loved him and would pick him over anybody else. "My dear @stannze," It has already passed one year. How? Did we not just exchange vows yesterday? Was it not just yesterday that you proposed to me and I sobbed uncontrollably? Were we not just on our honeymoon yesterday? One year already?" she questioned in her letter.


On the eve of their first wedding anniversary, popular Nollywood actor Stan Nze discussed the argument he had with his wife, actress Blessing Jessica Obasi. This revelation was made a few days after the famous couple lavishly celebrated their anniversary on September 12th.
In a video posted to their YouTube page, Stan Nze and his wife discussed their argument, claiming that poor communication was to blame. He claimed he called his wife to discuss a project he wanted to start, but when she went to the kitchen to fetch something, the conversation was cut short, and before she could return, he had already left for the gym because he was running late and she would be late for work if they continued.

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