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A sharp mind with a focused mindset creates leaders and Stella Dimoko is surely an infinite sharp writer

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Stella Dimoko Korkus is a writer, journalist and she oftentimes refers to herself an an Entertainment Doctor. She is an amazing content curator who runs a blog to ensure that the entertainment industry never has a dull moment. 

As a self-proclaimed investigator, she ensures that her social media pages have answers that society might be looking. 

So, how about we take a look into Stella's life? 

Stella's Age 

Stella was born on the 22 of August at Lagos, and her year of birth is missing on the public domain, which is usually a case of people not revealing their age due to dealing with a different range of audience.  But she is known to be over 35 years of age. 

Stella's Education 

Stella had her basic and secondary education in Lagos State, where she was born. Upon her completion, she advanced to Edo State to study Linguistics at The University Of Benin. Stella finished with a 3rd Class Degree having the English language as her reference

Stella's Career

During her upbringing, Stella had a dream of becoming an employee in the banking sector, finance. But that was a dream cut short due to circumstances which showed up on her path.

As a result of being unable to attain her dream, Stella decided to pursue a completely different field when she went to study Linguistics and News writing. It wasn't long until she started writing as a blogger and Content Curator.

She started off with writing in a hint magazine. And her career in Journalism followed. After a long while, Stella opened her own blog and was later closed down.

Stella eventually left her print media writing job following a spectacular experience she had. But it wasn't long until Stella started blogging once more. This time around, it is with more experience of the industry, more knowledge and clearly, sufficient content to keep the followers entertained.

She is now a full-time blogger for her own site

Business Woman

She has been a prominent business woman in the forever changing industry as she is one of the highest ranked journalists in the country. She has shown her consistency throughout her blogging career.

She currently runs her blog from a different country and it takes more than dedication to get the right scope on time, it takes strength to write a story about something you only read on the internet or heard from a third party. She has been absolulely doing lovely because number don't lie and her socials are constantly growing. 

Stella runs her blog to address urgent matters in society but through a usage and some dash of humour, why not?
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She creates advert spaces for people and that generates money for her business.

Married Life

She is married to Stephen Korkus. The couple got married in the year 2003, they didn't waste any time, the couple relocated to Germany the next year. Relocation always comes with strenuous adjustments as a business person but, this wasn't a challenge for Stella.

In one of the tabloids, it was also disclosed that her husband usually assist her whenever he is free by sourcing for news which are fitting to her content, the hottest news and doing other things that have positively contributed to growing her channel. She is surely an amazing business person and Stephen seem to be the direct compatible piece. She keeps her family private and way from her brand, and we have learned that she has a son.
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Net Worth

After all the handwork, Stella did not get to be on the financial sector as she longed for but she surely made herself a fortune with the usage of her blog site and she is now worth $400 000 her social media accounts are showing significant growth and surely — she is going to be worth more than this a few months to come.

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