TeeBillz Speaks Against A U.S Bill

He's Sticking To The Natural Order

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Nigeria is one of the countries that has not legalized same-sex marriages or accommodated homosexuality, but many others in the west have normalized the practices and made it a part of their system.

Music executive TeeBillz went on his Instagram stories to talk about a gender-neutral bill seeking to be passed into law in California.

The bill is seeking such stores to be gender-neutral and remove gender expectations where girls are expected to like dolls and makeup and boys are to like trains and superheroes. 

One of the co-sponsors of the bill, Evan Low, said an 8-year-old girl named Britten inspired him to write the proposal. Low said in a statement that Britten didn't understand why a store was telling her which toys were meant for boys and which were for girls. 

 The bill is the most recent example of efforts in the US to eliminate gender labels from toy marketing as some researchers insist that gender-specific toys can stunt a child's emotional and psychological growth. 
Tee Billz did not agree with the bill. According to him, his children will either identify as a boy or girl.

These folks are insane! Every human being on earth were given birth to by a woman! No such thing as trans and all that shit in my world. I will teach my children to identify as a boy or girl and my son will never play with a doll and that’s… period! No discrimination to y’all but don’t shove this nonsense down our throats. They know the truth that it’s a psychiatric disorder and gender identity is biological. #staywoke

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Some of the comments on social media read: 

God knows I will teach mine too. If you're a man identify as a man and do the things a man should, if you're a woman identify as a woman and do the things a woman should. Honestly, I am scared for this our generation o.
They want to shove this lifestyle so bad down our throat . But Thank God for some parents who hasn’t allow this wokeness of a thing to cause them cataract
Same here. Natural order of things stays in place. Everyone is free to live their lives as they please but don't shove your beliefs down my throat. I won't persuade you to accept mine too.

Truth is, the world is changing at a pace where it is difficult to keep pace. In the end, you can only teach what you believe in, and it is no guarantee for anything.

As you teach them I also pray for them in advance not to deviate from the good teachings and may God give them the strength to be steadfast in the teachings. Because sometimes, it's not the parents that failed, it's our society that failed us.
Tee Billz was once married to music icon Tiwa Savage and they have a son together.

The penalty for homosexuality in Nigeria is still fourteen years jail-term as was introduced during the Good Luck Jonathan administration.

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