They Are Famous For No Reason

So this is how they got famous?

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They Are Famous For No Reason
Some people just happen to get lucky and become famous. They don't even have to do anything; they just happen to be trending. Others rose to prominence as a result of their social media rants, lifestyle, and personality.

Here are celebs who are famous for no reason


Scammer Hushppupi rose to fame because of his flamboyant lifestyle. It all started in 2017 when he arrived in Lagos from Malaysia and attended a club where he ended up spending N11.5 million. 

Davido was also in the same club and was unable to pay his bill because he had forgotten his wallet at home. Being the big star that he is, the owner of the club let him go on the agreement that he comes back to pay the bill.

That same night, HushPuppi went ahead to Snapchat that there is a difference between a rich man and the son of a rich man. He threw some major shade considering Davido’s dad is a billionaire.

They continued to bash each other on social media harshly and that is how HushPuppi became relevant and well known, as he continued to bash other celebs online.

Currently, HushPuppi is in jail for fraud.

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Mompha was close friends with HushPuppi back in the day. Unfortunately, their friendship ended due to HushPuppi’s beef with Davido, which saw Mompha take Davido’s side. There was also a lot of disloyalty among the two.

The fallout led to the two becoming enemies, they were constantly competing and trying to outshine each other with their lavish social media posts.

Through their social media beef, Mompha became famous. His fame increased after he was arrested by the EFCC for alleged money laundering, which became national news.  After being released, he was seen hanging out with big celebrities such as musician Nairamarley.

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Chioma was just a simple girl studying in school. It was unlike Davido, to be in a relationship with someone who was not already famous. Davido was literally showing her off to the whole world. This made fans suspicious. 

This relationship was met with a lot of dislike from Davido’s fans, calling Chioma a gold digger. Several students in her school even revealed that she had slept with numerous men.

Bloggers went crazy for this news, having everyone writing about Chioma and wanting to know who she is. Davido also released a song featuring her in the video which made her even more popular. 

In short, Davido made her famous.


Musician and socialite Maheeda became famous for posting nudes on social media. She is also known for sharing sultry photos on IG and making controversial statements on issues censored on socials.

Her naked posts were more famous than her music career. On several occasions, she has come out to claim that she has given her life to Christ and is now a born-again Christian.

Not sure if Maheeda really means it or is just using a tactic to gain attention and remain relevant.

After doing all that, she stated that she did not mean any of the things she posted on social media. Her nude photos were only to gain fame in Nigeria since she is a Holland-based Nigerian sex worker.

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Socialite Bobrisky became famous for being controversial in his lifestyle. Bobrisky enjoys dressing like a woman and behaving like one.

He is also famous for changing his looks by bleaching his skin, which captured the attention of many on Snapchat.

Everyone started to wonder who Bobrisky is and began following him on social pages. Before we knew it, he was famous and the most searched person in Nigeria of that period. 

Bobrisky has been seen hanging out with celebrities such as famous actress Tonto Dikeh. They are actually close friends who you should not mess with. They are always looking out for one another. 
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