Toyin Lawani Launches Empire With Transformer Dresses

And She Goes Nude Again

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Nigerian celebrity stylist Toyin Lawani announced the launch of her fashion brand Tiannah’s Empire with 18 different looks. She made the announcement alongside her birthday celebration.

The designer, who is known for her avant-garde designs and photoshoots, upped the ante yet again as she released a transformer dress that could be styled 10 different ways. She also showcased some of her unique designs in a paper bag dress and nude body art.

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The pictures were taken by her mask-wearing fiancé Segun Wealth. We had earlier written a story about the relationship between Toyin and her fiancé, who was reported to have a wife and children before asking the fashion designer to marry him.

In celebration of her birthday, she gave out some pieces of equipment from her spa/salon: out with the old, in with the new.

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She uploaded the 17th design with a caption celebrating her breakthroughs and the success of her multiple enterprises which she started 21 years ago.

'LOOK17 - I CANNOT TELL YOU HOW GRATEFUL I AM FOR ALL THE LOVE AND KINDNESS SHOWN TOWARDS ME YESTERDAY, IM SUPER GRATEFUL, SAW ALL THE VIDEOS, MESSAGES, POEMS, ARTS AND YES I'M USED TO THE YEARLY PRAISES BUT THIS YEAR FEELS DIFFERENT BECAUSE WHAT I OVERCAME THIS YEAR THAT COULD HAVE DESTROYED ME SKYROCKET ME TO MY GREATNESS. See it’s one thing to work so hard tirelessly and it’s another thing for people to notice, when you inspire people with your great works and they emulate it, that’s the greatest achievement in life, our legacy is key, no matter how you want to rubbish my personal choices in life or My legit Business strategies, you can never rubbish the Greatness and hard work I bring into this world, talk from morning till night, You can’t level up to the hardwork I put into my various Businesses, I show you it’s doable, 21years ago when I started my Entrepreneurial journey, they used to mock me and troll me online , choose one hustle, na everything that Tiannah wan do, But today they all want to own empires, They all want to Be entrepreneurs today, so no matter how people Bark on your way to your Goals, ignore and use their stones to build yourself up
 The king of all Queens is not for Bragging,
 I was Born into a Royal family, But I worked my way to the top'

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Tiannah used plastic spoons, knives, forks, cowries, chiffon, lace, paper bags, aso-oke, velvet, and other materials to create different looks for her launch.

Under one of her posts she said:
What I just overcame and didn’t flinch will Break you into pieces, They tried to bury us but they didn’t know we were seeds.
Leader of the empire, A woman like 100 men

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Her 18th dress was a white gown with feathered wings attached to the shoulders, called 'White Angel'

Toyin is a fashion powerhouse, every year she releases never before seen pictures with themes that keep creatives inspired and challenged. 

With her, it only gets bolder.

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